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Saturday 5 October 2019

Brain Builders International Calls For Retraining of Kwara Teachers

Culled from : Factual Times

Kwara state government has been urged to organize training for teachers in the state in order to upgrade their skills.

The Brain Builders International made this call on Saturday via a statement issued by Abideen Opeyemi OLASUPO.

The statement read:
Quality education is paramount to sustainable development. As seen in the Sustainable Development Goals, education sits at number 4 of all 17 goals making it a priority for governments.
A society that takes educating her populace importantly has taken a right step towards its sustainability and one that considers it less important will face its consequences which sometimes could lawlessness, stunted economic growth, inadequate infrastructure, poor reputation and among others.
As the world commemorates world teachers day, Brain Builders International (BBI) considers it necessary to applaud the performance of Kwara State government in the education sector and to as well bring the attention of the State government to the deficiencies in the system. As an organisation specialised in driving the SDGs we do hope our recommendations are taken seriously and acted upon as the government has always has been all inclusive since inception.
We do acknowledge the reforms past and present administrations have implemented in the education sector. As a matter of fact, the state had been ranked first position at a time and every administration has consistently made education a priority.
While this is worthy of commendation, it is equally important to know that after a thorough evaluation of the system of education in the state and its conformity to global standard, BBI offers the following recommendations:
  1. Across the globe data driven sectors and organisations have often met set goals ahead of others. We do believe in the potency of data in driving a sustainable educational system in Kwara State. We are proposing that the government have an head count of all her students, lecturers and other key players based on their demographic and psycho graph. This will aid the effective distribution of resources in the sector.
  2. We also recommend that examinations be conducted for teachers as they are the most active participant the education sector. We believe this will help identify the incompetent ones as was seen in Kaduna. This will reform the system and improve the standard of education in the sector.
  3. As an organisation that believe in skills upgrading we are recommending a platform that facilitates constant learning, relearning and unlearning. This will help teachers perform up to global standards, provide quality education.
  4. We also recommend that the government fill the void left by retired teachers and those who have left for one reason or another, by recruiting new ones.
We hope the government treats these matters with utmost urgency, as this will help in steering her course effectively and in fulfilling her campaign promises.

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