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Sunday 1 December 2019

Beyond Payment of Bursary -By AbdulFatah AbdulRahman

Beyond Payment of Bursary 

AbdulFatah AbdulRahman

In an act of fulfilling promises that have become the second nature of the indomitable Kwara State Governor AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman, a total of 8,304 students have started receiving #5,000 bursary through an impressive e-payment arrangement adopted to ensure transparency few weeks ago. In addition, some 89 students of Kwara origin currently at Law  school nationwide were also approved to be given #100,000 each. This, too, would be paid directly into an individual's account.

Now the payment of the bursary is not uncommon in Kwara state, it is instituted higher education students' welfare package. But there has never been a time it had been this easily accessible and transparent for all parties. Kwarans could not have forgotten how the students' leaders and the former government entered into tug of war on several occasions over the same issue Governor AbdulRazaq made a cakewalk. It was not uncommon in the past to see students aggressively pressing for government and attention and consideration which sometimes provoked them into protest. I remembered on such occasion economic activities were paralysed for hours as a result of tension during one of such strong protests.

However, that this administration may be a departure from the past is no longer doubtful. The signs are clear for everyone to see. They have clearly demonstrated proactiveness when it matters and responsive when occasion demands. The swift payment of bursary is a demonstration of nascent respect and love for students of Kwara state by the government. Beyond the payment of bursary, there is a clear message of readiness to prioritise educational development without undermining the roles of every stakeholder. And I feel it is just a matter of time before the world we join the students in recognising Governor AbdulRazaq as the Hero of Democracy in addition to one awarded him by NANS last week.

It is also necessary to set the record straight: AbdulRahman- led government approved #100,000 for 89 indigent law students at Law school nationwide. It is not #250,000 like I heard the acclaimed activist pronounced on radio. On Friday, Tunji Moronfoye weirdly claimed that they paid 250K to law school students. But that is unfounded and untrue. That is another lie by a man who is claiming to be an advocate of the masses. How does one reconcile such barefaced lie with his present posture as an advocate of the masses? For discerning minds, that is another falsehood punctured out of hundreds Prince Tunji uses the radio to peddle. Tell Bro. Moronfoye lies shall not sell in new Kwara built on trust. And truth. And drive for progress. And never again.

This is a government that cares about the people; destroying the existing structures that alienated government from the people and encouraged corruption, this is a government with clear- sighted vision to bequeath to the coming generation a state and society they could call their own. That, which Tunji and his ilks denied us before providence gave us another chance. Like the acquisition of operational vehicles for the civil service to improve efficiency, renovation of baseball park for revival of the sports, building of toilets to eradicate open defecation in Kwara, refurbishing of Yikpata Camp and School for Special Needs, the prompt payment of bursary reminded Kwarans they might have just had a governor in almost a decade now.

The feeling is beyond payment of bursary.

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