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Wednesday 25 March 2020



By Abubakar Imam

Since December, 2019 when the deadly infectious Coronavirus reared its ugly head, the world has never been the same.The so-called advanced world is perplexed! The super powers have been proven powerless!! The second World is showing helplessness. The struggling or Third World is confused. Our medical experts are in fear. Our infected leaders or dealers and their family members, who would have been flown abroad even for lesser afflictions, have no where to go!

I never knew that the difference among the heterogeneous members of the human race is not so clear. The difference, unlike what 7up entices us with, is vague and not clear.

 Every where is either in disarray or deserted- courtesy of Coronavirus. The pandemic has turned out to be a leveler. It is now clearer that the difference between the white and the black; the learned and nitwits, as well as between the poor and the rich; and of course between the leaders and the governed is transient!

It is really serious. The situation to me, is a further confirmation that this humanity would end one day as alluded to in the Holy Books!!

Those who never believed that Allah had destroyed some nations in the past as reported in the Holy Quran, need no further evidences of the unquestionable power of the almighty God to make and unmake; and to use afflictions like the ongoing pandemic to test our faith; and interrogate the humanity in us.
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Yes, lessons would be learnt at the end of this global trial. I am quite convinced the civilised world would imbibe some lessons, which would prepare it for the future. I am not sure that our leaders here would be guided by the present realities to spare more money for education, health and research and development. I am not confident that they would not waste more money on frivolous items and white elephant projects or outright mismanagement into their pockets. It is not impossible that some are already using the pandemic as an avenue of making more money for themselves!

Whatever, it is clear that all of us would give account of our deeds one day.The rendition would be done possibly before man; and if not, surely before the almighty Allah!!!

My paternal grand aunt of blessed memory, who raised me,used to pray in Yoruba thus: "Ki Olohun o dola wa". I now know the meaning of that pregnant prayer. May Allah safe us.

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