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Saturday 9 May 2020

Kwara Deputy Governor and the Rumoured Drunkenness- By Femi Ogunshola

Kwara Deputy Governor and the Rumoured Drunkenness- By Femi Ogunshola

You need to read part of the story to get the gist

"The disgraceful act occurred at the kwara state government lodge where the highly intoxicated Deputy Governor slapped one Inspector Peter Joseph , one of the police officers deployed from B-Operation(B-OPS to keep guard at the Deputy Governor office.

 "The Deputy Governor being an uncouth drunkard had drunken himself to stupor all through the night of Wednesday.

"However, when his ADC noticed how highly intoxicated he was at that morning , he told him he would not allow him to leave the lodge unless he gets over the influence of excessive alcohol he had consumed over night," the story read

Now The Truth

The above is the story flying on social media and I had to reach out to the Deputy Governor of Kwara State few minutes ago to again authenticate what I know.

The Deputy Governor does not take Alcohol as the story alleged

This alone punctured the credibility of the story.

I need to put this out to correct the misinformation against the Deputy Governor

Get this correctly, I am not his spokesperson but character assassination, campaign of calumny should not be allowed to thrive

The Deputy Governor is someone I have had the privileged to sit out with

He doesn't take Alcohol, this I say without a shadow of a doubt. No, he doesn't.

May be if you accused him of other things, I may be defenceless, but Alcohol, that's not true

The last time I had the opportunity to be with him was in February before I returned to Abuja, it was the duo of us that didn't take Alcohol.

Again, I had to call him this night just to confirm  the unfounded story being peddled on social media against his person.

He laughed

I asked "your excellency do you really take Alcohol because I won't defend the indefensible?

I needed to be double sure, I have been tagged to the story, but remain undaunted. Musa Ibrahim Tsadu won't allow me rest

And here is what the Deputy Governor told me on phone this very night.

"I have never drank Alcohol in my life..."

You can't know him more than himself, I had witnessed it

So for the story to alleged he was heavily drunk was nothing but the handiwork of busybody.

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