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Thursday 9 July 2020


      Hon. Abdulmajeed Hamzah Dolapo


Despite meeting him for the first time, Mr ABDULMAJEED HAMZAH DOLAPO represent one of the best of us.
I can attest to his humane and down to earth nature as exemplified during an hangout with the brains in Kwara recently.

Take this to the bank, a man that's wary of his background won't for any reason compromise the integrity and proven records of his forebearers just for political gains and such is the personality of *MR ABDULMAJEED HAMZAH DOLAPO* a leading contender in the coming chairmanship election in Offa local government.

Honestly, Nigeria needs a man of his standing to right the wrongs in our polity and restore some sanity to the system but unfortunately despite the mortgaging of our future and undermining of our interest by some 'few' and 'self centered' elders, the youth still continue to drum the beat of support for them while we have the likes of ABDULMAJEED HAMZAH DOLAPO in multitudes.

Fellow compatriots, here is a man, who is ready to take our struggle to the next level of dynamism and give us the deserving voice amidst the movers and shakers of our polity.

It's high time the youth take charge from within, we are made enough to buffer all it takes  to govern a country let alone a state. ABDULMAJEED HAMZAH DOLAPO had all the required skills and vast experience, which if given the opportunity will transform Offa LG to a 21st century inclined local government.

I was awed by his zeal and passion for development and growth of his kinsmen.
If you are in search of man who's desperately in need of a total overhauling of a system that keep barring the progress and development of Offa, search no more, the man is ABDULMAJEED HAMZAH DOLAPO, a conscious and conscientious youth from Offa.

How I wish I can tell the world, a bit of the rich legacies of a man, who had impacted positively in Offa and it environs.

The young man is deserving of any position he might be eyeing today, for one thing stands out, he's going there to serve unlike the past 'orders' and most importantly, ancedents speaks for him, for he's a son of the soil and one of the best of us.

Pray, support and canvass for this visionary son of the soil.

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