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Monday 13 July 2020



Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming.”
– Richard Branson

Koleoso in 1992 gave the following list of appropriate technologies at the Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO), Oshodi for small scale businesses:
-      Mechanized Garri Production
-      Mechanized Cassava Flour Process (Lafun)
-      Mechanized Fufu Process
-      Table Vinegar Production
-      Smoked Fish Kiln
-      Wheat and Non-Wheat Composite Flours
-      Tomato Products Production
-      Peanut Butter Production
-      Salad Cream and Mayonnaise Production
-      Jam and Marmalade Production

-      Bottled Water
-      Production of Fruits Wines

Industrial Raw Materials and Products
-      Sorghum Malt Production
-      Cassava Starch Production
-      Cold-water Starch Production
-      Gums, Glues and Adhesives from Cassava Starch
-      Ginger Root Processing
-      Refining of Kaolin and Gypsum
-      Detoxification of Cassava for Livestock Feeds
-      Detoxification of Cassava for Cassava Starch for non Wheat Bread and other uses.
-      Gluco-amylase Production\Electroplating Technology
-      Foundry Technology

If you are interested in any of the aforementioned on how to set up the business and training, get in touch with the management of Federal Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO), Agege Motor Road, Oshodi.

G. Alaba Olusemore in his book entitled Essential Small Business Management categorized Business Opportunities into various classification as follows:

Classification I
Small Scale Businesses which those leaving paid employment can start immediately.
1   .    Fabrics (Fashion Designs)
2   .    Catering
3   .    Beverages
4   .    Water Based Products (Lolly Pop, Ice Cream, Yoghourt)
5   .    Nylon
6   .    School (Day Care, Home Lesson, Chreche Primary School and Secondary School)
7   .    Educational Materials (Chalk, Exercise Books, Dusters etc)
8   .    Concrete Block Making
9   .    Machine Fabrication

1   0. Shoe Making and Shoe Mending
1   1. Toilet Roll
1   2. Services (Consultancy, Teaching, Tax Advice, Feasibility Study Writing)
1   3. Secretarial (Business Centre, Phone Centre, Computer School, Cyber Cafes)
1   4.  Supply of Religious Materials/Books/ Musical Instruments/Furniture
1   5. Office Cleaning/Industrial and Domestic Cleaning
1   6. Hampers during Christmas and Easter
1   7. Custom Made Greeting Cards
1   8. Car/Door Stickers
1   9. Flowers Nurseries/Horticulture

2   0. Refuse Disposal
2   1.  Ice Block Making
2   2. Photography/Video Recording/Colour Laboratory
2   3. Cottage Farming (Fish, Snail, Grass Cutter, Bees etc)
2   4.  Events and Protocol Management
2   5. Balloon/Hall Decoration
2   6. Printing & Publishing
2   7. Web Site Designing

Classification II
1   .    Domestic Business such as Agriculture, Food Processing, Professional Services etc.
2   .    Manufacturing such as: Vegetable oil, Industrial Starch, Toilet Rolls, Drinking Straws, Production of Detergent, Toilet Soap, Washing Soap etc.
3   .    Food and Beverages such as: Fast Food Business, Industrial Catering, Cocoa Drink Beverages and Flavoured Drinks.
4   .    Agriculture in a Mechanized way (Animal Husbandry, Modern Poultry Industry, Cassava Flour, Cassava Chips and Pellets, Rice Production, Cat Fish Farming etc.)
5   .    Mining /Processing of solid Mineral Resources

Classification II
1   .    Automotive, Travel & Transportation (Airline Support Services, Airport Taxi, Car Sales, Car Wash, Car Hire Services, Uber, Taxify, Tours, Travel Agency, Used Car Sales, Trucking Service etc).
2   .    Personal Services ( Barbing Salon, Bridal Shop, Hair Dressing Salon, Personal Shopping Service and Beauty Therapy).
3   .    Pet & Animal Services (Aquarium Services, Dog Breeding, Fish Breeding, Veterinary Clinic etc).
4   .    Professional Services (Accounting, Advertising Agency, Architecture Firm, Children Goods, Educational Toys etc).
5  .    Clothing
6  .    Computers & Internet Services
7  .    Real Estate
8  .    Restaurants and Bars (Food, Coffee Café, Bakery etc).
9  .    Construction and Engineering

1  0. Retail Services
1  1. Entertainment
1  2. Home Based Services (Cleaning, Errands etc).
1  3. Hotels and Hospitality
1  4. Manufacturing
1  5. Medical and Healthcare Services
1  6. Sports, Outdoor and Fitness

I decided to write on the various business opportunities you can tap into based on special request and I want you to critically study them and start your own business. Yes, you can!
So keep the dream alive! Success shall be yours!

Never Give Up!!
See You at the TOP!!!
It is well!

Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim is an entrepreneur: the Founder, LIBRA CONSULTING; a Management Consultancy Firm and BAMIB RESOURCES (a Premium Pencil Company) based in Lagos and can be reached via muideenibrahim2004@yahoo.com or 08037221517 (sms) only please!

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