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Saturday 18 July 2020

Int’l Mandela Day: UN calls for release of prisoners of conscience worldwide

The United Nations has called on all world governments of the world to release all prisoners of conscience as the world commemorates the International Mandela Day.

The Multilateral body also called on all world citizens to take actions that will inspire change, as coronavirus public health crisis continues to threaten lives

The theme for the 2020 commemoration of Nelson Mandela International Day is ‘Take Action, Inspire Change’

The day instituted by the United Nations general assembly in 2009 honours the legacies and values of Nelson Mandela

It is a day to remind everyone that we can all make an impact and transform our communities, one effort at a time

The Nelson Mandela foundation this year, is encouraging every individual to be a part of an initiative that truly changes lives, and has also initiated a project, ‘each one, feed one’

Engaging in actions that change humanity for the better is the real essence of this day as explained by the great Madiba himself.

The virtues and values of Madiba were tried and shaped by the unfairness of the apartheid system towards black South Africans, as established by South Africa’s white minority government.

Nelson Mandela who joined the African National Congress Party in 1943 became involved in anti colonial and African Nationalist politics.

He and his party worked to dismantle the racial segregation system that gave utmost privileges to the Whites in South Africa.

This led to several arrests, and in 1964, he was sentenced to life imprisonment

Nelson mandela’s release in 1990 eventually ended white domination in South Africa and an election in 1994 brought him in as the first black president of the country.

His tenacity, perseverance, culture of peace, charity and freedom are the virtues the International Mandela Day celebrates.

As the world battles one of the worst crisis ever faced by humanity since world war 2, commemorating this day is still important

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