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Monday 28 September 2020



“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ― Roy T. Bennett


Please, permit me to use this medium to apologize most sincerely for my unavoidable absence most especially with respect to the weekly write up of The Entrepreneurship for a month and half now. I have been on aggressive marketing of my pencils and I have been able to cover twelve states including the Federal Capital Territory. I tried my best as much as possible to practice what I preach and it has been a fulfilling and eye opening experience.

Late Tai Solarin said that “may your road be rough.” This is not a curse but a challenge because there will be a relief after hard work and stress.

My dear ardent readers, there is need to come out of your comfort zone and go for gold. Kindly note that nothing good comes easy and when you work very hard there will be a reward.

There are so many ways of how you can come out of your comfort zone and some of which are discussed infra:

Firstly, have a plan; what is your plan in this life? A lot of people fail due to lack of plan. Kindly note that without proper plan and planning, you cannot go very far. Hence you must write your plan down in black and white or on your phone and follow same diligently. This will make you to have an edge over those who have no plan at all. 

The big question is; how do you plan? First and foremost, you must create a plan for yourself, the second point is that you must have time table in form of hourly plan which you must follow diligently and meticulously and the third point is that you must refocus yourself hourly or as the case may be. Then review your plan at the end of each day. 

Secondly, get information from various sources and this will go a long way to help you in your daily plan. Listen to news, read widely in your area of interest and do things that will move you closer to how you can achive your plan daily.

Thirdly, be focus; your eyes must be on the ball and if you lose focus there is tendency for you to derail. How can you be focus? Do most important things daily, bring focus to each day and you are the only one who can help yourself to be focus so keep doing it on a daily basis.

The fourth; hold yourself accountable and you can achieve this if you hold yourself accountable, not only that, you can also have an accountable partner or a mastermind group where you call all hold yourself accountable for your plan or what you do .

The fifth; take a baby steps; Lao Tzu said that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So why don’t you start by taking a step at a time. Kindly note that Rome with her magnificent buildings was not build in a day. So who says you too cannot make it via proper planning. Since overnight success is not the best, baby steps will make you to overcome your anxiety and then enable you to achieve your set plan.

The sixth; always challenge your comfort zone. This will ensure that you are on track at all times. If you do not challenge your comfort zone, you will not be able to move far and achieve your set plan.

The seventh; be positive minded at all times. There is need for you to develop strong Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) at all times. This is simply because a very strong mental attitude will enable you to achieve more. So banish negative thoughts from your mind and be positive minded at all times.

The eight; embrace law of attraction. The law of attraction simply says that if you want something and you think about more often than not about that thing, you will surely get it in no time. This does not cost you anything to embrace at all. So why not embrace the principles of law of attraction.

The ninth; keep expanding your boundaries at all times, as soon as you achieve a plan, push yourself to achieve another plan and you keep expanding your comfort zone in order to achieve more. Within a very short time, you will achieve more and be a champion.

You can do it, so why don’t you start planning now in order to move out of your comfort zone because the importance of effective planning with respect to how to move away from your comfort zone cannot be over emphasized.

It is well!

See you at the top!!

Please, do not give up!!!

Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim is the Founder and CEO, Libra Consulting and can be reached via muideenibrahim2004@yahoo.com or 08037221517 (SMS only).

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