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Tuesday 15 September 2020

Is this AbdulRazaq a supernatural being?

By Niniola Adeoti

One would think this is not the same Kwara under some certain set of people. How things change and the new look everything wears still baffles me. I then ask why the previous ruler(s) of this state found it so hard to govern us with a sincere heart. They are corrupt politicians, rogues and we (Kwarans) were pawns in their hands. They took us for everything they so wish. They governed us as if our lives depended on their inadequate leadership and for years, Kwarans flocked around them like we didn't have other better options.

I wouldn't have talked about the previous administration. I would have taken the bull by its horn and discuss what I have in mind with well-meaning Kwarans. Because the more you discuss how Kwarans was under these heartless rogues, the worse you feel inside you.

But yesterday was another day in Kwara's polity. In some WhatsApp groups that I belong to, a conscious Kwaran asked a question. The question is not that necessary if not for answers that followed the question. Let me bring the question here for you to get the clearer picture of what I want to discuss. A clearer picture that Kwarans know what it is to have a good state where everything works. A state where the governor and his cabinet members are up and doing and not a Kwara in the hands of the ineffectual.

The question reads: "Let us be sincere with ourselves. If we're to elect new Governor today, would you vote for someone like Fmr. Governor Megida?"

That was the question. Succinctly put. Thought-provoking and also demanding for answers. There were answers. Kwarans online responded swiftly to the question. It was solidarity for this present administration and a show of shame for those that found the ineptitude of the last administration their selling point.

The voice of Kwarans online matches with those at home. Even Kwarans in the diaspora are saying they hear about the change the AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq-led administration embarked on since his coming to power.

Come to think of it, nearly two years in office, AbdulRazaq has shown Kwarans that governance is not hard, but it takes someone with zeal to deliver his campaign promises.

When AbdulRazaq's hands can be seen everywhere in the rebuilding of Kwara, haters are still mumbling. They call this government all sorts of names. They tag we the believers of change that AbdulRazaq embarked on myopic. But we keep saying by God's grace, AbdulRazaq shall triumph.

They will ask us about his achievements. We would tell them that they are visible. So hard to conceal. They would argue that it is just rehabilitation and repainting. We would tell them about KWASSIP. The efforts of the state government in flattening the curve of COVID-19. His welfarism act towards civil servants. How about citizens engagement? We would tell them he is the governor to give Kwarans deserved voice in budget review. How about this government's caring for Kwara Farmers? Recently, he gave 50,000 cocoa seedlings as a palliative to farmers to enhance the efficiency of farming in the state.

You can see his visit to Abuja? He was not in that Federal Capital Territory to party. He was there to represent well-meaning Kwarans. He understands that a stitch in time saves nine. All hail our working Governor. All hail AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.

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