DO NOT ALLOW TIC CANDIDATE IMPOSITION in ILORIN WEST LOCAL GOVT; An Open Letter to His Excellency, Gov AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq - 9japarrot


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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

DO NOT ALLOW TIC CANDIDATE IMPOSITION in ILORIN WEST LOCAL GOVT; An Open Letter to His Excellency, Gov AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq

By Abdullahi Abdulrasheed

Your Excellency, 

Permit me to use this medium to appreciate your strides thus far in ensuring that your electoral promises to Kwarans are fulfilled. We are watching keenly and it is not a gainsaying that we are impressed and believe you will succeed as we do pray. May Almighty Allah continue to give you the wherewithal to discharge your duties to the admiration of all and sundry (Amen).

Your excellency, I chose this medium to address you regarding the subject matter above considering that you have much presence on the media and your trusted allies also have a presence which will make you get hold of this letter and act on it.

It is no more newsy that in order to fill the administrative vacuums that are left in the local government administration since the suspension of the previous occupiers and to ensure rapid rejig at the level necessitates your intent to appoint Transition Implementation Committee (TIC) at the sixteen Local Government Areas making up the state pending the time the State would have resolved the litigation case of the dissolved KWASEIC and have enough funds to conduct elections. Some people, especially the opposition might not appreciate the wisdom in this, however, the sincere minds are with you and we believe posterity will vindicate you in the end.

However, as the party stakeholders across the State are working round the clock to see that they got favored by having their trusted hands making the list, Your excellency, you need to be meticulous and circumspect before endorsing any list coming to your table to avoid falling into the pit that capsized the people of the past. It wasn't Bukola Saraki that was that bad but the majority of his misdoings came from those whom he entrusted with some certain responsibilities and failed to do the rightful and ensure justice and equity. The rest they said is history.

Sir, I want to authoritatively tell you that the TIC composition in Ilorin West where you come from is inconclusive and no resolution had produced or shortlisted any candidate has reported in a planted story reported in media days ago. Kindly disregard any list on your table from Ilorin West.

Your excellency, what we are having presently is an attempt by some stakeholders namely: Lawyer Kunle Suleiman, Majority Leader of KWHA, Hon. Olawoyin Magaji, your S.A Women Empowerment Alhaja Ajihun (Iya Lamule) Hon. Gafar Ayilara and Hon. Commissioner for Education, Fatima Bisola Ahmed, Ilorin West APC Chairman, Hon. Suleiman Tejidini to impose their lackey on the Local government. This conspiracy is being chaired by no one but Lawyer Kunle Suleiman who is rooting for the candidature of his nephew, Abubakar Suleiman Tosho (Sai Kayi) whilst Hon. Olawoyin Magaji rooting for his stooge Salman Saka as Iya Lamule advocating for Tosho Gafar. Hon. Suleiman Tejidini in his own case is on the side of Olawoyin who is the highest bidder. This is what they have reduced the TIC nominations of Ilorin West Local government to.  

Sir, we have many pieces of evidence of their clandestine moves to foist their choice on the local government against level playground for other aspirants that are more popular and eminently qualified. What Lawyer Kunle and his co-sojourners intend to do is to have someone they can be remote-controlling heading the TIC members of Ilorin West. Your excellency, if this imposition is allowed to stay, it will surely soil the immaculateness of your garment in no small measure.

I hereby appeal to you not to allow the whim of some greedy individuals to overrule the fairness, equity, and transparency you are advocating for. Sir, do treat this with all sense of urgency and prevailed on those who want to use your name to cause acrimony and distrust in the party.

Wishing you divine guidance as you work towards a better Kwara.

Abdullahi Abdulrasheed writes from Oko-Erin Ward

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