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Tuesday 10 November 2020

Op-Ed: ALADIE, Seven Years of Resounding Broadcasting



A man that's now known as one of our renowned broadcaster and an inimitable on air personality in Kwara and beyond, Bolaji Aladie started the journey seven years ago.

Today, he keep waxing stronger and bigger in broadcasting industry owing to his zeal and commitment to succeed despite all odds.

As an intellectual mobile property, Aladie has carve a niche for himself right from his Secondary school days by anchoring various programs and leading anything cultural in the school settings.

He's a staunch member of the press group in his school and one of the best in speech delivery and news casting then.

It's pertinent to note that, this serves as a preparatory ground for what's today a modern and highly sophisticated broadcaster called Aladie.

After his Secondary education, Aladie sought for greener pasture in the yonder leaving his dream of a broadcaster in hibernation.

As Allah would have it, he gained admission to university of Ilorin after many failed attempts.

His admission to Unilorin would later helped his skills and thrown him to the larger world.

Interestingly, the journey to broadcasting started at Unilorin FM in 2013, and today, the man keep waxing stronger in what he knows how to do best.

After his initial experience, Aladie has went through various branding and rebranding of his skills in many establishment, where he horned his skills the more in order to serve much better.

His stint at Sobi FM thrown him into limelight and he was able to manage the stardom to his best advantages.

Today, Bolaji Aladie has become a well known and renowned broadcaster and presenter of Ilorin extraction and his experience so far has birthed many programs in various media houses in Kwara.

He has worked with many Presenters and journalist of note in Kwara, namely, Alh Ibraheem Akintola, popularly known as Idris Alooma the current general manager of Unilorin FM, Jolaoluwa Afolabi Jabulani ace presenter and one of the modern revivalists of Kwara media world, Olaniyi Aweda omo baba molé molé, Peteru sports, Da-Talkatives and many others too numerous to mention.

In his own little way, he has contributed so hugely to journalism in Kwara and providence will continue to be nice to this great man.

Sir, as you celebrate your 7th years of journalism, may you continue to wax stronger and bigger in Sha Allah.

Happy 7th anniversary my main man

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