Renewal of APC Membership: A Chance To Be Part Of Progressive - Abiola Farounbi - 9japarrot


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Wednesday 10 February 2021

Renewal of APC Membership: A Chance To Be Part Of Progressive - Abiola Farounbi

The All Progressive Congress (APC) is about to commence the renewal of membership and also welcome new members across board. We might wonder why is APC carrying out this exercise at this crucial time, reasons aren't far fetched. 

Most importantly, the party is making the requisite move to provide a level playing ground for all citizens irrespective of class, religion or tribe. Our target is to bring in youths who are the future of every country, nurture them on the path of growth and development in other to carry on the manifestos, agendas and policies of the Party. 

Also, the Party is embarking on revalidation exercise to offer a fresh start to everyone. Let no one make a mistake, the ups and downs in the party is a path to building a stronger and vibrant party that will be all inclusive. The party has laid a significant foundation in rebuilding the nation and set Nigeria on the path of infrastructural development. 

Change cannot be achieved sitting on the fence, we must be part of the democratic process, while all of us can't aspire for offices, we can always contribute to the development of our Ward, Local Government, State and Nigeria in General by joining the All Progressives Congress (APC) as a way of reshaping our Political Landscape. 

Therefore, I urge you all to see this as a clarion call and and a great opportunity to join hands in reshaping the political Landscape of Nigeria and adding your voice towards a Nation Building, we are a Party for Nigerians and by Nigerians, towards a Greater Nigeria, we are the All Progressive Congress. 

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