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Sunday 14 March 2021

Hijab Saga [EXTRA]: Muslim Stakeholders Of Kwara State Fires Back At Bolaji Abdullahi

Politicians from Kwara State have been warned not to use hijab  and schools' ownership issues being championed by some misguided elements in Christian faith in the State to glorify themselves unnecessarily; rather they must say the truth and stand firm by the 'rule of law' instead of politicizing issues that are purely based on fundamental human rights and respect for the Nation's Constitution and enabling laws of the Country.

The Muslim Stakeholders' of Kwara State made this declaration today while condemning the statement credited to the Former Minister of Youth and Sports    Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi on hijab issue in the State.

In a strongly-worded Press Statement released in Ilorin today, the Chairman of Muslim Stakeholders' of Kwara State Alh. Ishaq Abdulkarim stated that if the previous administrations of Bukola Saraki and Abdul-Fattah Ahmed had addressed the problems it would not linger till now.

The Former Minister who was a one-time Commissioner for Education in Kwara State claimed that the issues being tackled now are not new; but that they managed it well and  that it never led closure of Schools when they were in office.

Reacting to this comment, the Muslim Stakeholders advised those in position of authority to be factual,  instead of using any ugly situation to attempt to build good image for themselves wrongfully, adding that his question that: 'would any Muslim Parent prefer using of hijab to education of their children? as  wrong, unpatriotic and  smacks weak approach to the issue, as the matter of hijab concern the fundamental human right and ownership of Schools has to do with court judgement both at the Ilorin High Court and the Court of Appeal; adding the present administration in the State has to obey the 'rule of law'.

On the closure of the Schools, Alh.Is-haq Abdulkarim who is a Chartered Accountant said: 'no responsible Government would not shut the schools where Plaintiff (i.e. Kwara CAN) that lost its cases in two superior courts of record abandoned the due process of proceeding on appeal to Supreme Court but threatened 'fire and brimstone' if any muslim student wear hijab to Public Schools (which they called their Schools illegally), instead of doing what is right in normal judicial process.

While commending the Kwara State Government for closing the affected Schools temporarily to protect lives and property, Alh. Abdulkarim described Bolaji Abdullahi's statement as reckless and unbecoming of a patriotic Nigerian who must always stand by the 'rule of law', protection of innocent lives and property and defence of the truth adding that the 'mess' left behind by the past administration he belonged to, is the one being cleared by the present administration of Mal. Abdul-Razaq Abdul-Rahman.

Furthermore, Alh. Ishaq Abdulkarim said  as a layman in this regard, the Former Minister needs to be educated on the position and status of hijab in Islam which enjoys the full-backing of all Sharia Authorities namely the Holy Qur'an, the Sunnah,  and the Ijmaa (i.e. the consensus of opinions of Muslim Jurists), adding that Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi suggestion that the issue of hijab for female students can be traded-off  for an opportunity to attend a public school is therefore irresponsible, irrational and at variance with law, logic and reality.

The Muslim Stakeholders of Kwara State therefore enjoined indigenes and non-indegene of Kwara State wanting to comment of the current issues to jettison their political and religious affiliation but seek for the truth on the matter and comment responsibly instead of playing to the gallery of either wanting to score cheap political points or attempting to support or against the Government policy based on religious sentiment and parochialism.

In conclusion, the Muslim Stakeholders Chairman Alh. Ishaq Abdulkarim commended the Kwara State Government for issuing out the official  circular to all Principals of Public Schools in Kwara State to conform with State Government policy which permits use of hijab on schools' uniform across all educational institutions in the State. 

While thanking non-muslims who have commented objectively on the matter inspite of their religious belief, the Chairman called on the State Government not to delay any longer the re-opening of the 10 Public Schools closed in the wake of the crisis, so that educational activities could continue.

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