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Wednesday 19 May 2021

FEATURED: Do You 'NEED' To Join Politics At Local Level?

People who participate politically in their communities from early on are more likely to become engaged citizens and voters.

At least, they would understand the road and history to the political success of aspirants, understand the political process better, be able to distinguish the promises of aspirants and their achievements, be able to know where our democracy has been flawed in time past,  be able to educate their friends, colleagues and communities on how to change politics for the better.

This is what we stand to teach, clamour and sensitize the good people of Kwara South on, at BTA Ambassadors. 

..And in order to have better “young” leadership, politics is one of the best tools.

You cant be a Political Leader without being a Politician. You grow through the stages.

Break the status quo of seeing political participation at local level as for a few people.

The younger generation’s fresh ideas and new leadership can help to overcome archaic practices and ideas in politics and Governance. 

Protests led by youth leaders usually force autocratic leaders to step down from power or change archaic policies, allowing these youths to become part of formal decision-making.

The youths face many issues in the world, but these issues go unattended because a few of them actively participate in local politics.

The better and earlier the youths understand how, and the need to join local politics, the better it is to improve this newer generation.

#Let's Get involved!
#Lets Join a political Ward
#How do we join and be well known?
#Join  BTA Ambassadors 
#We would teach
#We would Sensitize. 

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