[OPINION] Separating The Chaff Of Misconceptions From The True Grains Of Data Boyism- By Abubakar Saddiq Buhari (Buhariofkwara) - 9japarrot


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Friday 21 May 2021

[OPINION] Separating The Chaff Of Misconceptions From The True Grains Of Data Boyism- By Abubakar Saddiq Buhari (Buhariofkwara)

On a good friday, as I was strolling on the street of the social media (WhatsApp), I came across a phrase 'Data Boyism',. A phrase that caught my curiosity uninvitedly. I began to ponder and soliloquize, I picked my pen and began to juxtapose the reasons for the emancipation of the phrase mathematically. A phrase which I afterwards discovered to be used for social media Influencers or private individuals who for one reason or the other have a course to speak or write about the positivity of a government in power. 

However, it is popularly believed that to every reaction there's an intent or triggering force. Just like I was thaught in basic physics, a body will not just react unless it is being acted upon by an external or triggering force. This intention was gathered not to be disconnected from an attempt to get them off their pens through name calling. 

Now, let's juxtapose the position of the inventors of this ugly phrase with the obtainable reality. You assume individuals who at a point writes or encourages the positive policies and practices of a government as Data Boys and can at the same time refer to them as compatriots the moment they seize doing that and start criticising an extant government.

How unbalanced? When  some of these persons actually have their one or other personal sources of income, yet they're being tagged as Data Boys because of their choice to speak or encourage some good practices of a government, even though there's no government or proposition with absolute correctness.

The media space would be a peaceful environment if the inventors of this phrase  can air their opinions without having to give name to those with divergent dispositions.

When undoubtedly some of these individuals have a track record of meaningful impact on their respective communities based on their positive, responsible and mutually complementing connections from the cooperation of the members of the government and that of the communities.

It may interest you to know that when questions are asked, you'll get to realise that these few individuals have never came up with a  possible permutations of ideologies, political, economic and social structural ideas to better any government or their immediate society. Instead, they'll walk all miles to discourage those that are doing what they're doing in good faith, all in desperation to discourage them.

I therefore stopped taking them seriously the moment I realized that the truth is accessible to any individual, man or woman on the planet, as his or her are at free will to choose, as they go seeking truth for themselves, and then I thought that if a tipping point number of people in the world community would pursue truth, regardless of whose clothed Ox gets gored, then we might just have a chance to make a go of it in this harmonious state, because others would see, by example, that seeking truth produced happier, smarter, more confident, more emulate-able men and women. And as long as everyone's position is in line with their beliefs, i think it is worth something to be during this one life which you know is yours to live. And not an assumption, name calling or coloration being given by any individual.

Every individual should hold to their beliefs without having to call those who fall out of their views a name.

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