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Friday, 11 June 2021

OPINION: Hon. Ali Yusuf Amuda Jimoh, Doing It In The Wrong Way- By Temitope Muhideen

"The natural cure for an ill-administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is a change of men." ~ Alexander Hamilton

Nigeria constitution is  a legitimate instrument , it tells an average man his rights, entitlements and what to expect from elected representatives of ones immediate community.  History exist, stories exist, and continuously most elected representatives have failed the people of Ilorin East , year in year out,it is always from sad stories to worst scenarios. Some people argued that, Ilorin East local government is too big to be represented by a single member in the state house of assembly.

Political activist argued that only men of good character,fear of God , determination to bring back dividend a of democracy to the people they represent  can re write the stories known with Ilorin East house of assembly members  from inception till date.  The citizens , mostly the youths concluded that, it’s only change of leadership, political style  and engagements that can take Ilorin East local government to greater heights. 

2019 election in Kwara state is a year to remember in the political history of the state, the Elephant and her calfs were roasted , the masses voted for change, from the highest elective post to the lowest. It was not hatred, it was driven with passion to see a new Kwara on the Go, a Kwara of our dream, we want to see a state we can be proud of among comity of states, Ilorin East local government was not excluded, like other local governments , we delivered on our missions and goals to see a new kwara on the move. Hon. Ali Yusuf Amuda Jimoh (deputy chief whip, Kwara state house of assembly) was the man we gave our mandate, to speak and fight for the interest of the common man in Ilorin East. Two years gone, where are we ?

Hon. Ali enjoyed the support of the ordinary man on the street, with the support of his late father’s legacies, we voted for him without understanding the dynamism in politics. A week after the election, elders and ulamas lead by the present SA Religion(Islam) to the governor of the state, organized prayer for him inside Buhanudeen LGEA school, in his words,Hon. Ali promised an inclusive government , jobs, opportunity and being responsive to the yearnings of his people.

Ilorin East has 12 wards in totality , from Agbeyangi home of Hon. Ali to zango ward where he lived while growing up, he has failed the people, no projects , no meetings with the youths who stood by him in the face of political war, Hon . Ali need to understand that , people keep records, records will come to play in future or soon, good representation is beyond organizing football competition , making promises that will never come to pass, he is an opportunist not the best .

Various communities he represent, in the two axis of Ilorin East local government (metropolitan and Osin axis), Hon Ali failed to touch lives, he failed to fulfill many of his promises, he failed to continue his late father legacies, the deputy chief whip should inculcate the habit of good relationship, he should learn how to put people first, being a member of the house of assembly if not for your family and friend alone, it’s for everyone in the local government. 

Ilorin East is the home of great men, Hon. Ali should not make the situation worst if he can’t change the narrative, a responsive representation is the joy of every communities, Ilorin East deserve a representative that knows the need of every communities, ignoring letters from heads of various communities for intervention is wrong, ignoring calls from concern citizens shouldn’t be the best he can offer, making empty promises to communities is wrong to all that matters, like the pasts representatives , history will visit you, like most people applauded your late father , it’s left for you to decide your faith, two years is enough to change the narratives .

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