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Friday, 2 July 2021

FEATURED: All Eyes On 'Kwara Cabal FC'

By: Isiaq AbdulGafar

Barring any last-minute change, APC Loyal, a group of APC members and chieftains led by Alhaji Lai Mohammed in Kwara will commission a party secretariat in Ilorin on Saturday. 

It is believed by analysts to be a move by the group to show glaringly their indifferences to the leadership of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq in Kwara, and strength to APC National headquarters in Abuja. 

While bookmakers are divided over the implications of the internal wrangling in Kwara APC on their chances of winning the 2023 elections, one thing has remained that improved political awareness of Kwara people would be playing a very crucial role. 

If such is to go by, it might be hard for the opponents of Governor AbdulRahman to edge him out. No matter the guidebook, the majority believe that he has performed strongly in his first two years with touches on infrastructure, education, water, youths engagement, and social investment with the semblance of fairness and transparency. 

Such development from programmes deliberately carved to be pro-people may be putting up his critics and opponents in the eyes of the common man as usurping, overbearing, and dangerously greedy leaders armed-to-teeth against the people's interests. 

The sign of such narrative shaping up is the war of words started at a book launch by the Governor and currently ongoing between his men and his opponents one week ago. AbdulRazaq threw a first (in two years) but lethal blow at his counterparts with allegations that they _kolobied_ the campaign funds and logistics and also sought to pocket him since the campaign time for personal interests. He also claimed without difficulty that he was abandoned during the campaign for his refusal to play game. 

While such a statement may be treated as trivial as any political innuendo, one from a governor is weighty. Not to talk of one made by Governor AbdulRazaq with no reputation of blabbing. The ensuing back and forth between him and the Alhaji Lai camp appears to be legitimising his claims instead of refuting them. 

From BOB to Mustapha Ishowo, Wambai and MM's intervention, the emerging narratives are not only absolving him of the complicity in (1bn campaign fund) fraud, they are also advertising his integrity, and justifying his unfriendly mien to the APC Loyal group to their chagrin. 

What that means is that it is not going to sell again to label him a betrayal, ingrate, and weak leader if they are not able to prove logically their strong support for the Governor during O'to ge campaign and, justice and fairness, in crowdsourcing and dispensing the undisclosed billions of naira campaign funds and logistics. What is most interesting, however, is the rising profile the Governor will begin to enjoy with the people of the state. 

Kwara people are not spent on hating godfathers and anyone that looks like one. The word 'cabals' points clearly at BOB and Lai Mohammed and it is a matter of time before people start asking questions. 

Before then, the commissioning of the APC Loyal secretariat tomorrow gives them the chance to relaunch their image. It might however take beyond the rhetoric of 'ingrate, selfish, betrayal,' they have been dishing the public for the last two years. They are now trailing a smart Governor who has positioned them as "Cabal Fc," only the facts can set them free. Who stole Kwara campaign funds?! Who wants to sit on the Governor's neck? Lai has and his men have a hill before them.

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