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Monday 26 July 2021

Op-Ed: My Perspective On Kwara North Agenda 2023 -By Jamila Bio

Senior Special Assistant to Kwara State Governor on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Dr Jamila Bio Ibrahim has declared that the Kwara North 2023 agenda championed by some stakeholders of Kwara North is not properly situated within the proper context of political realities and development.

The medical doctor turned SDGs champion stated that, the best bet for Kwara North is to support the Kwara State Governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq particularly because of his unambiguous support for the region, and then lobby ahead of 2027, not to fight or rebel against the ruling party as some have unfairly been doing.

Read the full statement below;

My perspective on Kwara North 2023

(I have never spoken publicly about this but today I will and I stand to be quoted).

Until the aspirants present a consensus candidate it’s DOA! 

We all know that a consensus candidate will only emerge if the agitation is selfless & genuinely for the greater good of the masses of Kwara North. But is it? Hmmn

All aspirants forfeiting their ambitions for a consensus is not too great a sacrifice to make for our people. 

That may never happen, because our diversity now comes to play, now, will the Nupe man forfeit his ambition for the Batonu man? 

Will Kaiama forfeit for Moro?

If your question is “what about justice,fairness and equity?” 

My response is “Yes! I stand for fairness, justice and equity”. Now, my question is, do we all stand for it?
For those of us in the ruling APC, our best shot at the Governorship position in Kwara state, is to support the leader of the party at the state level, who statutorily is The Governor of the State.

Having established that we have a leader figure, we move to lobby and dialogue (not fight, not rebel) for a power shift without conflict of interests.

By 2027, we have a win-win scenario where in fact, Kwara North becomes the greatest beneficiary. 

Dr. Jamila Bio Ibrahim.

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