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Monday 10 January 2022

[FEATURED]: Danladi-AbdulRahman, The Unbreakable Relationship

'A relationship is not based on the length of time you spent together, it is based on the foundation you have built together. 

By: Abdulmumin Yunusa Ndagara

As we approach 2023, which is the election year in Nigeria. Politicians, their think tanks, and foot soldiers will desperately look for progressive bonds to break in an attempt to make headway, this is mostly the tactics losers deploy in hope of acceptance by the masses. 

Danladi Abdulrahman has become a target in recent times and I expect it to continue till Abdulrahman is returned elected for the second time in 2023. Politicians that have been rejected by the people of Kwara are out there desperately looking for ways to make a comeback, not to serve the people diligently, but to punish them for what they did at the polls in 2019.

While Danladi and other members of the 9th assembly have started the process of passing the 2022 Appropriation Bill to law, these politicians continue to invest their time and resources in breaking an unbreakable bond. 

The 2022 Appropriation Bill when passed will usher in a new Thirty Thousand naira minimum wage for all cadre of the state civil service, this is not what the people who couldn't implement the Eighteen Thousand naira minimum wage want to hear, it is good news to the state's civil servants and a heart wrecking news to the former oppressors. 

Danladi led 9th assembly had also repealed the bogus and purse draining pension law for former Governors and their Deputies that was enacted while civil servants who served the  State for 35years were being owed gratuities and pensions. 

Danladi led 9th assembly has just recently passed the Education Trust Fund Bill, an act that aims to bring in multinationals, private individuals, and others to fund our education system and stop the over-reliance on government's lean resources, but it is expected that politicians who supervised the grounding of basic education in Kwara State to have bad blood towards such assembly and its leadership, because how dare they seek to improve the welfare of Kwarans by making a law for the framework for mass literacy and conducive learning environment in Kwara State? Educating the people is freeing them from mental slavery, that is what these politicians who were rejected at the polls in 2019 do not want. 

Danladi Abdulrahman relationship is what is obtainable in every sane democratic society, and to the envy of these politicians and their foot soldiers, it will continue to be stronger because the relationship is built on the foundation of pro-Kwara masses, which will remain their guidance over servitude to a few elements who have ascribed themselves god-like status. 

Danladi Abdulrahman is not different from what Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell enjoyed, but they want a relationship of Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, need I remind them that Joe Bidden and Nancy Pelosi are now enjoying the Danladi Abdulrahman relationship too, that is why America with over 200 years of democratic rule, political parties fight to have control over the Executive and Legislative arm of government to have a smooth running of government.  Well, I am not surprised a relationship like that is alien to these politicians who prefer grandstanding to the real substance, it is a thing of god-like people. 

I have more bad news for them though, Danladi Abdulrahman's relationship will continue to soar higher and continue to work for the good Kwara people. 

I hope you lick some sugar to get some happiness, but be wary of the pile. 

Cheers to a greater working relationship in 2022 by the duo of Danladi and Abdulrahman.

Abdulmumin Yunusa Ndagara is the SA New Media to Speaker, KWHA.

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