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Saturday 15 January 2022

[OPINION] 'Otoge': The Most Unfortunate Setback In Kwara South- By Faruq Atofarati

It's more than 3 years already, retribution focuses on Kwara South's wrong, and the wry rigour of the constituency remains the bane of development.

The unrepentant hate for the previous administration by dementia-coated, power starving, clueless ingrates has caused Kwara South more than necessary in terms of legislative stewardship.

For sometimes I still think Kwara South does not have a representative, maybe I'm uninformed of the (in)activeness of the political persona representing the interest of Kwara South who had resented 'prosperity', and decided to inveterate useless 'do-nothing' representatives.

While in Kwara South senatorial district where I'm from,  it is safe to say the constituency only has a title pretender as representative whom in his ineptitude husbandry a huge part of the constituency suffers seclusion. A good representative at that, and a certified 'do-nothing' political figure.

Kwara South, however, is in the hands of its people. But it's pertinent to note that emotional affiliation often is an enemy of progressiveness, inner concealment of facts, and public showiness of half-witted attitude towards prosperity.

This is not even a 'fallacy', some sane progressive minds in the Kwara South know the difference between a political leader that thrives on quality and one that thrives on obscure, incompetence and unrecognized political gesture and outward display of ineptness.

Kwara South, under cynical political affiliation, and ill-repute duress towards the previous administration gave a senatorial seat as a 'giveaway'.

The Senator representing Kwara South, Lola Ashiru, since his assumption into the office has no clear indication of a political journey and has no mediated 'leadership' visage for necessary development that could benefit his constituency. Since 2019, I genuinely haven't seen any of his giant legislative stewardship; employment, renovations, construction of classrooms, water, electrical intervention, and all.

Makes me wonder if Senator Rafiu was a President.

Does Lola Ashiru have anything to show off on cogent welfarism like; health, security, education, water sanitation, road, electrification, jobs, and empowerment?

On a good note is that Senator Rafiu also from the part of Kwara understands the psychology of constituency's management way more than Lola Ashiru does. But Kwara South's preference for lackluster has backfired in a counterproductive way. The current Senator lives in oblivion and absconds when intuition is required.

Capacity and competence should be a pertinent lubricant in appointing our political leaders. Kwara South needs to reverse its steps and further embrace monument political strides.

In a constituency that once had 22 CBN staff, 4 AMCON, 4 NDIC, and much more important employment in the space of three years.

Lola Ashiru assumption of office has only informed cynical backward development, 'flimsy' rushed projects for credibility, and other insensitive attitudes towards the constituency.

Faruq Atofarati writes from Osi, Ekiti LGA of Kwara State.

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