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Saturday 1 January 2022

Senator Ashiru Sends New Year Message To Constituents, Says Kwara South Is In Safe Hands

Senator Lola Ashiru, the Senator representing Kwara South Senatorial District at the Nigerian Senate (Red Channer) has assured all constituents that they have nothing to worry about, noting that the Kwara South senatorial district is in the right hand. 

The senator made this revelation why rolling out his unprecedented achievements in the year 2021, assuring the constituents of more in this new year.

Below is Senator Lola Ashiru's new year message as made available to our medium.

Dear Fellow Kwara Southerners, I wish you a happy new year, as we begin yet another journey into 2022, may the year be prosperous and fulfilling for all and sundry.

There is no gainsaying that our Senatorial District has witnessed tremendous infrastructural development in the year 2021, these development has placed the district to envy others and has the cynosure of all eyes. 

These were achievable through the community assistance, the unrelentless effort of our youths, and also the formidable women groups yearning for the growth of our district. 

Therefore, it is on this premise that we channeled all 2021 facilitated projects based on the requests of the beneficiary communities and towns.

It is worthy to note that, when we came on board, our tourist attractions sites were in shambles. I committed to revamping these beautiful sites for job creation and the attraction of private investors.

So far, in tourism, we have added chalets to the beautification of Eromola waterfall to complement the relaxation center constructed in the 2020 budget. In the 2020 budget, there was the grading of the road to Owu fall, to ease vehicular movement to the water fall and also there was the building of a relaxation center which will serve as a picnic center for the prospective tourists. 

In the quest of developing the cities in our Senatorial District, we embarked on road projects in Omuaran and Offa respectively, the latter has been completed while that of Omuaran is still ongoing. These projects will increase the economy of its immediate environment and ease vehicular movements.

In the later part of 2021, we embarked on water projects, solar-paneled boreholes for 10 communities, Osi, Eruku, Igosun, Igbonla, Iludun-Oro, Babanloma, Egudu, Owode-Alfaro, Shekun-Owode, and Amoyo. There are more requests for us to do more in this regard, we will not rest until every locality is provided with portable and affordable water.

The saying that health is wealth, has guided us in improving the health sector of our district; the under listed were achieved in the health sector; 
-Building of five maternity centers across the senatorial district, the locations are, Offa, Epe-Opin in Ekiti LG, Durosoto in Ifelodun LG, Kajola and Ilale both in Oke-Ero LG
-Medical research and training of Community Health Officers on COVID-19, 
-Supply of medical equipment and drugs to seven Primary Health Care centers, which are, Arandun PHC in Irepodun LG, Offa, Oke-Ode PHC in Ifelodun, Araromi-Opin Cottage hospital in Ekiti LG, Ekan PHC in Oke-Ero LG, Isanlu-Isin PHC in Isin LG, Erin-Ile PHC in Oyun LG. 
-Medical outreach, enabled us to reach out to the aged and people that are at the base of the society, to enable them to have access to medical consultants, where they were examined and given free medications.

In addition to the 500KVA transformer supplied in Idofian and Offa facilitated in the 2020 budget, we have added another four 500KVA transformers for Amoyo in Ifelodun LG, Oro in Irepodun LG, while Ora and Offa will be supplied soon. Also, there are solar street lights in Obo-Aiyegunle, in Ekiti LG, Offa, Omupo, and Omugo in Ifelodun LG.

 Our youths, one of the major stakeholders whose role cannot be downplayed, are the threshold of our society, their significance cannot be overemphasized. We have been able to engage both in and out of school youths through training and empowerment. We have facilitated employment to our constituents that wish to work with Nigeria Navy, Nigeria Civil Defense Corps, Nigeria Immigration Service, and Nigeria Police Force. 

More to this, there is the construction of vocational training centers, in Offa, Oke-Onigbin in Isin LG, the contractor will move to sites soon, Igbaja in Ifelodun LG, which has been completed. As of today, there is four vocational training centre, to complement the one constructed in the 2020 budget in Omuaran, Irepodun LG.

In education, there is the ongoing construction of A block of 3 classrooms in Etan, Ekiti LG, and Oro-Ago, Ifelodun LG, we have also been able to assist the indigents through cash transfer for tuition fees.

Under listed are some of the projects we have been able to facilitate since we assume office. 
Completed projects 
   -Training and Empowerment program for 130 youths and women in Oyun Lg
- Vocational center in Omuaran 
- Building of agroforestry hall in Ijagbo 
- Building of a block of 2 classrooms in Igbonna 
- Building of a block of 3 classrooms in Ejiu in Ekiti Lg also in Offa 
- Building of a block of 6 classrooms for Kanmonu Alayin and Gaa Janko
- Training and empowerment for selected youths in Kwara South on the fishery in Lagos
- Training and empowerment for out of school youths 
- Widows empowerment
- Medical research and Training of Community Health Workers on COVID-19
- Empowerment of religious organizations 
- Solar street lights in, Obbo-Ile, Omupo, Omugo and Offa 
- provisions of for 500KVA transformer each in, Oro, Amoyo, Indian
- Construction of Vocational training centre in Igbaja, Ifelodun LG
- Construction of road in Offa LG, 1st and 2nd phase
- Medical outreach
- Supply of medical equipments and drugs for seven PHCs 

Ongoing projects in the year 2021
- construction of a block of 3 classrooms in Oro Ago Ifelodun and Etan, Ekiti LG 
- Construction of maternity center at Durosoto, Ifelodun LG, Epe-Opin, Ekiti LG, Offa, Kajola, and Ilale both in Oke-Ero LG 
- Construction of road in Omuaran, Irepodun LG
- Installation of water paneled borehole in, Igosun, Oyun LG, Egudu, Igbonla Iludun-Oro (Irepodun LG) Osi, Eruku (Ekiti LG) Owode-Alfaro, Amoyo, Shekun-Owode, Babanloma (Ifelodun LG) 

Awarded projects, but yet to commence
- Vocational training center in Isin LG
- Vocational training center in Offa
- Supply of 500KVA transformer in Offa and Ora respectively 

However, we cannot in a day win the battles of the things that are important, but we are many steps ahead of where we were yesterday, where the constituents are the direct beneficiaries, where democracy is participatory and the people enjoy the dividends of democracy.  This is an assurance that Kwara South is in safe hands, and we will not betray the trust repose on us.

Happy New Year!

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