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Thursday 21 April 2022

2023: My Nigeria, The Time To Rise

By Soliu Arowolo Adam

Oh my Nigeria
Do not be fooled again
By the greedy,pot-bellied politicians
Who only understand the language of corruption.

Oh my Nigeria
Your stomach is filled with hunger, Do not be tricked
For these politicians are the rain
That will never fall during the summer.

Oh my Nigeria
They will be in the four corners of your room again
To lure you to another four years of disasters
Do not fall for their traps.

Oh my Nigeria
Have you forgotten so easily
The number of your children they butchered in the south
Your patriotic children slaughtered in the west and north ?

Oh my Nigeria
Have you overcome the trauma they caused you
Since 1999 till date ?
How they make you cry from sunrise to sunset

Oh my Nigeria
Have you forgotten that their only achievements are:
Poverty, insecurity (Terrorism, Banditry and Kidnapping)
Collapsed economy and epileptic power supply.

Oh my Nigeria
Wake your children from their sleep
For this is not the time to sell their votes for poverty
This is the time for you to shine and rise again.

The time to make you (Nigeria) work again
The time to votes out of ethnic bigotry and self-interest
Oh my Nigeria
This is the time to wave your flag with pride again

The time to reclaim your title as giant of Africa
The time to make your land "sacred" again
The time to make your "egg of unity" unbreakable.

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