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Friday 15 April 2022

The Conspiracy Theory About "Osinbajo Betrayal's Posters" And The Need To Crucify Tinubu Matters Arising

By- Osigwe Omo-Osigwe Omo Ikirodah

Good Friday commemorates Jesus' crucifixion and is observed by the Christian community. It represents humanity's salvation.

No doubt, the name "Good Friday" came to be because of the enormous significance of our Lord Jesus Christ's death for our redemption.

As a result, this day becomes the Christian's redemption anniversary.

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Today Nigerians woke up in Abuja to see posters of Osinbajo flooding the streets of Abuja calling him a betrayal. Nigerians have undoubtedly reacted in a variety of ways

Why were posters accusing Osinbajo of being a Judas printed and distributed on Good Friday, a Holy day for Christians?

What was the point of making something like this? Whose interests is it supposed to launder or denigrate? Osinbajo is a preacher and one who is well-liked.

This week, Osinbajo joined the presidential race, and in less than minutes, Osinbajo the treachery became the talk of the town, with some comparing him to Judas Iscariot, who betrayed our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Bible.

Welcome to the presidential elections of 2023, where distorted narratives and manipulation reign supreme. It'll be an eventful year, full of intrigues and political snafus. Do you know what the term "sympathy votes" means?

A sympathy vote occurs when a large number of people vote for or support a specific person because he or she has recently suffered. It's known as sympathy's attraction.

It is apparent that the APC's presidential race is now primarily focused on two great South West sons, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Professor Yemi Osinbajo, who also happens to be the vice president. Given that the struggle is between members of the same political camp, some observers believe that the two political titans should have formed a single squad.

Unfortunately, politics does not work that way; as long as both are qualified, it is ideal if they both go to the battlefield and test their own popularity.

It's worth noting that while aspirants seldom have deep-seated troubles, their supporters are frequently the source of their problems.

Take, for example, the feud between Whizkid and Davido's followers. While the two musicians have no quarrel, their fans would never let one of them rest with who is the best among them. As a result, fictitious competition exists.

So, putting sentiments aside, consider who would benefit from a poster portraying Asiwaju Tinubu as a saviour and a high-profile individual like the Vice President being labelled as a treacherous fellow?

To be honest, Asiwaju Tinubu, a devout Muslim who is equated with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, would never be at the mercy of the comments. Such moves would only serve to improve Osinbajo's status at the expense of Tinubu's.

Tinubu's campaign organization is well aware of the implications of branding a serving pastor as a Judas and proclaiming a devout Muslim as the Messiah. This would not only be repulsive to Christians, but it would also engender sympathy for Osinbajo and contempt for Tinubu.

So, why would Tinubu's camp try to shoot themselves in the foot by making such a petty and vexing comparison?

According to all indicators, the constant branding of Osinbajo as a traitor can only come from Osinbajo's sympathizers or a fifth columnist hoping to profit from the deep rivalry between Asiwaju's political family and Osinbajo's political family.

It's worth noting that as the primaries approach, more mudslinging will take place in order to provide the beneficiaries of such warped tales an advantage.

When it comes to detecting crimes, one of the most important questions to ask is who profits from the crime. It would be foolish for Bola Ahmed Tinubu's political camp to get involved in such a sensitive campaign that could pit Christians against their principal.

In fact, if we look deeper than the surface, the comparison may be considered blasphemy in some circles.

Beware of those who manipulate such trivial and deadly efforts; blowing out someone else's flame will not make yours shine brighter.

It's worth noting that the upcoming primaries are all about delegate participation and political lobbying among party stakeholders, not about a fifth columnist's skewed perception designed to swing votes for their own personal gain.

It is in the best interests of political candidates to concentrate on gaining the trust of their delegates rather than fueling the flames of dissension among party candidates.

As I sign off, let me remind us all that there is a seed of an equal or opposite or larger advantage or benefit within every setback, impediment, or disadvantage.

Once again my name na Osigwe Omo-Ikirdoah and na me be the Principal and Chairman/CEO Bush Radio Academy.

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