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Thursday 5 May 2022

[Op-Ed] Adaramaja: Man Of Many Parts - By Hamzat Ishaq Easyboy

Happy birthday to man of honour and dignity, Professor Abdulraheem Sheu Adaramaja Chairman,Kwara State Universal Basic Education Board(KWSUBEB) Your life has inspired me to live a positive and inspiring life even to others, that is why you grow older, I am happy to wish you with whole-souled heart.

Two days are important in the life of a soul, the day you are born and the the day you are no more, but days between these days writes the latter, the landmark of man tells how wisely he spent and every minute he Spent. Counting on your success, always remember that young souls are inspired by your lifestyle and ideology cohere with our memories forever.

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.

Ojogbon Adaramaja sparks extraordinarily oozing into an hindsight of realism with a lots of truisms encircled in his doings.

A reader is a leader and A writer is a righter and his writings are worth reading.
Leadership role is not by age, affluent or personality, it’s by wisdom, sense of responsibility and perseverance.

I learnt many things in him abode, all full of foresight and positive vibes to make life meaningfully liveth. Professor Adaramaja is truly a speaker of words.

The life of *Professor Adaramaja Sheu* has ignited the happiness and spirit in me to wish him many success to pluck in life because you are a stouthearted man whose tog is heroical and kind. You are a distinguished Leader, I wish your new age comes with enormous blessings and favour. Your life will continue to motivate and inspire others, May you grow in coruscant knowledge and understand, Nations will come to the light of your understanding.

You’re going places Boss,
Now, Today is your day, I celebrate you not today but everyday, you’ve showered me love and protection when I needed it the most and I appreciates every bit of your humanitarianism.
You’re a leader born to lead till victory is attain.

I beseech Allah Azawajal to make perfections in your way and guide you to the right path with his divine light.

Happy Natal Felicitations To You, My Leader And Mentor

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