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Saturday 21 May 2022

Political Thugs Murdered Kelvin Iselebor In Kaduna

Tension in southern Kaduna as Political thugs murdered one kelvin Iselebor,who is a brother to Paul iselebor,a Member of People Democratic party who was declared wanted by the Nigeria Authorities in January 2016 over president Muhammadu Buhari, must go protest in Irrua Edo state which later went into violent. 

             According to residents who live in kachia community,where the deceased Mr Kelvin Iselebor was murdered told our Correspondent that Mr Kelvin Iselebor, who have live in the kachia community for over  4 years is a lovely man who have contributed to the growth and development of the community.

              According to eye witness Mr Philip Mohammed, Said that they had a gun shoot as around 15pm they all flee for safety because of the gun sound that was coming from the home of Mr kelvin Iselebor,after about 20 minutes later when the political thugs have leave the resident of Mr Kelvin Iselebor,they saw Mr kelvin Iselebor was lifeless because he was shoot multiple times by the political thugs rushing him to undisclosed hospital he was already dead.

             According to Another Eye witness Mr Sadiq Amadoh, who expressed his shock over the murdered of Kelvin by Unknow political thugs in the afternoon of May 19th  was unacceptable and call for police investigation to being the people who are responsible for the murdered of Kelvin Iselebor,to been brought to book, he further said that we should live as a brothers that no political ambition worth the blood of any Nigeria,no matter the situation .he further expesss that the killing of Kelvin Iselebor, was political motivated due to the threats he have received before now. 

          According to  our own investigations the problem started when when Mr Paul iselebor, the brother of Mr kelvin Iselebor, who the police have declared wanted over anti Buhari protest,which occurred in January 2016,and that some politicians within his  local government in Esan Central local government area of Edo state wrote several petitions to police and DSS that Mr Paul iselebor, use some thugs to change the March 28th, Presidential Election in Ibori and Ewu Edo state, Mr Paul iselebor was arrested by the police in June 2015 after Apc lead federal government resume office in May 29th 2015.

In January 2016 Mr Paul Iselebor, organised a massive protest against the Apc lead Federal government over the failure of campaign promises by Apc government.the protest later went into violence when the members of the people democratic party clash with Nigeria police, 7th police men was injured while 12 people died who are Members of PDP.a total of 28th people was arrested by the police. 

        But all attempts to Arrest the leader of Buhari must go protest Mr Paul Iselebor, was not successful.the police have tried to Arrest Mr    Paul Iselebor, at the venue where the revolution protest took  place but he luckily ran away.  after much of chassing of Paul Iselebor, by the Nigeria police he was declared wanted in January 2016.

            Since January 2016 the location of Mr Paul iselebor,is still unknown.

        In October 2020 the father of Paul iselebor,Mr Jerome Iselebor, was murdered by unknown political thugs because of political differences and opinions, Mr Jerome iselebor,who supported His Excellency Mr Godwin Obaseki,reelection in Edo state. 

       Mr Jerome iselebor,was murdered in cold blood in early October 2020 by Unknown political thugs.

             Another sad story was the killing of The uncle of Paul Iselebhor,by political thugs, Mr Peter iselebor,was killed in November 2021,according to report, Mr Peter iselebor, was killed over his refusal to provide a credible information over their major target Mr Paul iselebor. 

             Reacting to the killing of Kelvin Iselebor in Kachia Kaduna state ,the Nigeria police in Kaduna said that the police will do everything possible to unmasked those behind the killing of Mr kelvin Iselebor,the police further said that those behind the murdered of Kelvin Iselebor, will not Escape Arrest, the police said that investigations is ongoing regarding the killing of the deceased.

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