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Wednesday 1 June 2022

Madawaki Of Ilorin, Alhaji Yakubu Gobir Joins Kwara State Guber Race, Picks YPP Form

By Saeed Tijjani

The Madawaki of Ilorin, Alhaji Yakubu Gobir has declared his intention to contest for the Governor of Kwara State under the platform of the Young Progressives Party (YPP).

Gobir who was in the All Progressive Congress (APC) party and a stalwart of the party during the 2019 general election officially decamp to the Young Progressive Party today, Wednesday at the party Secretariat in the Kwara State Capital, Ilorin while declaring his Governorship ambition as well.

Explaining the reasons why he choose to contest under the YPP party, the philanthropist said ;

"For too long, our beloved state, -like most of Nigeria- has wallowed in abject 
penury and insecurity, whilst a very few corner the commonwealth and hold the rest hostage. From 100-million-naira nomination forms to delegates who pay 
allegiance to the fattest wads of hundred-dollar bundles, politics has become a 
criminal enterprise, where only the most corrupt thrive. This is all part of a grand 
design to scheme out the most upright, and most competent from participating in 
the governance of this country, thereby perpetuating a kleptocracy. 

"As most of you are aware, I was a key player in the 2019 elections that ushered 
in the current APC government, at both state and federal levels. Yet, I must 
confess, I have become disillusioned with Nigeria’s leadership selection process. 
Our ‘democracy’ is an expensive and inefficient exercise which has been hijacked by moneybags in an illegitimate process that cannot produce a legitimate outcome."

"It is a need to be on the right side of history that explains my decision to leave the All Progressives Congress and to deploy all my resources and God-given talent to build a platform for young men and women to express themselves, vote, and be voted for, and more importantly to take charge of their destiny. That platform 
is the Young Progressives Party – YPP. "

When asked what are the most things his administration will center on, He noted that his administration will do all possible best curtail the rate of hardship and poverty through effective domestication of Social Investment programs and needed mechanism will be implemented to ensure that the aims are not defeated.

Gobir said his administration will center on Job creation and harnessing the potential of every locality to ensure proper development.

Gobir also noted that a Government will not effectively function if the Local Governments are bandaged. One thing I won't waste time doing when assuming office is to immediately conduct Local Government elections, He added.

"Two key ingredients must co-exist for a thriving democracy anywhere in the world 
-equality and active citizen participation. Kwara State has never been more divided 
than it is at this very moment. Ethno-political conflict, social decay and squandered resources have widened the gap between the haves and have-nots, fuelling resentment and a glaring economic divide. Irrelevant differences and sentiments have been weaponized in the hands of detractors whose only aim is to cause commotion for their gain. But if we give in to the whims of these power-thirsty mongers, what do we gain? He added.

The YPP Gubernatorial hopeful thanks thousands of Kwara men and women that have so far joined the YPP revolution movement.

"We have full-fledged executive committees in all of the 193 wards and 16 local governments, and a State Executive Committee comprised of seasoned politicians. Our database of registered party members is well over 50,000. He added

"The Young Progressives Party (YPP) is the only political party in Kwara State to form such a structure outside the ruling party and the main opposition party. I call on well-meaning individuals and groups who are genuinely interested in birthing a new Kwara to step forward and join the YPP Ballot Revolution." He said

Gobir also urges all Kwarans to ensure they enroll for their Permanent Voter's Card (PVC) within the few 30 days' deadlines left. This is our weapon in the battle ahead, He said.

Brief Academic Qualifications/ Careers: 

Alhaji Yakubu Gobir Gobir who Hails from the Gambari compound of Ilorin East local government graduated from Ahmadu Bello University with a pharmacy degree in 1985 at the age of 19, aftermath He went on to obtain postgraduate degrees from the University of Lagos, Institut D’ Administration Des Affaires 
(INSEAD) France, and Harvard Business School. 

He served the nation (National Youth Service) at the Military Hospital, 
Ikoyi, and went on to lead a distinguished career at multinational pharmaceuticals
companies - Pfizer and Hoechst for 11 years.  

He has also managed his marketing 
and distribution company, which has been in operation now for over 25 years.
L’Oreal, Swatch, and Nike are some of the global companies that I have brought to 

9japarrot Media reliably learned that YPP governorship primary election will hold on Friday, June 4 at the State Party Secretariat.

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