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Saturday 23 July 2022

Kwara 2023: Poster Cannot Earn You Vote, Your Antecedents Will Speak For You

By: Abdulraheem Sheriffdeen (ASB Famous)

It has become a culture come every four years for our political charade to patronize their crops in which they had pest on. Giving back to them, “token” and bewilder them with empty promises full of propaganda in order to attract public sympathy. 

This period has been seen as a golden chance for all quarters to amase wealth. The money that has been kept will now be in circulation, every engagement with individuals won’t go for nothing. Every holes and corners will be bombarded with posters. Well, at most times during this period, I do think of establishing a printing press( laughs)

Hiring thugs to disrupt others’ activity will now be their priority. Even the educated among them will turn to nonentity, looking for avenue to start a chaos by hindering others of what they are fun of doing, claiming jurisdiction while infiltrating others territory (don’t paste another party poster in my family house), while they had already bastardized the house wall of opponent party. Shall we tell them poster will not win vote for them this time around 

Cohorts of likes mind are now grouping in different parties, which can now be said that; birds of the same feather flock together. It has then made it easy to recognize and support antecedent and achievements.

Gone are the days when people vote party with the influence of some personalities of good reputation and credible records, mixed with the bad eggs. But now in Kwara State, the dirt will be separated from the beans, While the feces will be flushed into the pit. 

The masses has become wise and get familiarize with the genuine leaders whom has been there for them even at the time they aren’t in any public office nor holding any political portfolio. It is now Left to each party and candidates to pick their campaign points beyond their usual mediocre service making it look scintillated by their sycophants. 

The era of fail representation must come to an end.

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