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Monday 11 July 2022

Muslim/Muslim Ticket: Enough Of Religious Blackmail, Exactitude

By Dr. Adekunle Ojo, SAN

Enough of religious blackmail, exactitude: Tinubu’s Muslim/Muslim ticket is not bad
Dr. Adekunle Ojo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria has reacted to the grumble of those against Tinubu’s Muslim-Muslim ticket.

In a statement made available to Legal Nigeria, Dr. Adekunle stated thus:

“We may never be able to extract assurances from any one on the social media. But I know that 90% of those who are raising issues about the Muslim-Muslim Ticket will never Vote for Tinubu even if he picks an Arch Bishop as his running Mate- even, if the Bishop is from Taraba, or Adamawa, or Southern Kaduna- he may never be victorious in Taraba, or Kafanchan. They may never vote for him. For the remaining 10% they will be reassured and they will most likely show expected understanding and Jaga might at the end of the day loose 1% of such people who genuinely loved him to the extent of voting for him. That is politics.“
He shed light on the strategy adopted by the APC Presidential Candidate. “No party, except the dreaming groups called parties, will risk losing power on the basis of religious or ethnic correctness. If Jaga picks a Bishop as his running mate, the resentment for APC by some selected elites and people are enough to make them refuse to shift ground- he may never win in Taraba, even, if he chooses TY as his running mate.”

He asked: “Have you ever wondered why no Christian has been able to become Governor in States like Kano, Kaduna, Gombe, Bauchi, Adamawa, Yobe, Kebbi, sokoto, Katsina, Borno etc? It is because they do not have the local clout to win elections in such places and not that there are no good Christians. Why are there no clamour for Christians to be made Governors in those States?  It is because they cannot win a general contest in view of their population. Every election is LOCAL. Babachir and Boss never attempted to become even Governors in Adamawa- should a flag bearer from south, like EMI LOKAN, risk any political light weights? It is better imagined-don’t forget.”

He stated further saying “Elections are not won by sentiments. If the section of the electorate that will enable me win my election are Hinduists, I will choose and prefer one of them far above a Rev Father WHO I KNOW will be a burden to my electability. RELIGIOUS EXACTITUDE did not even move God when HE opted for Cyrus as deliverer of the Jews at a point and Nebuchadnezer was used of HIM at another point. What will it matter if Christian/Christian or otherwise will take Nigeria out of the woods. 

Is Tinubu not a Nigerian? 

The same set of people blackmailed him from becoming a Vice President. Why should a good hand be hindered from rescuing Nigeria out of her problems on the account of his religion. We all know it is impossible for Tinubu to win the election with a Christian running mate. Kindly allow him his choice.”

His final remarks on the controversy following Tinubu’s decision were strong as he warned.  “Enough of Religious Blackmail.”

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