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Thursday 5 January 2023

Bolaji Abdullahi - The Postmaster-general Of Kwara Central

By Abdullahi Sheu

It's quite laughable how Kwara Central Senatorial Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, has turned the senatorial contest to some sort of essay competition. It shows that just like Dr Bukola Saraki his master said of him several years ago, he's yet to learn about the art of politics despite his braggadocio of holding several political offices. Politics does not quite work that way. The senate is a wholly political platform, and anyone who doesn't understand how politics works will just end up speaking grammar with no impact on his constituency. I'm sure this is not what Kwara Central constituents want.

If Bolaji Abdullahi wants to impress anyone with his speaking or writing prowess, he should go back to his early career (journalism). It's not too late. After all, some of his colleagues who held political offices way back like him have also resumed back to their various newsrooms. I really can't fathom why he has turned the senatorial contest to a battle, hence the ‘roforofo’ fight. This media noise doesn't guarantee vote for him, just like it won't win sympathy for him. He should go to the field and work just like the Turaki Mallam Saliu Mustapha has been working with his impacts speaking for him.

It is worrying how Abdullahi sees himself as the know-all. People have said this about him times and again. That he is so arrogant and doesn't entertain contrary views and sees others as know-nothing. That will pass for underestimating people, and I hope he has taken his time to read what the Quran he quoted copiously said about underestimating others. He should take a cue from what transpired between Daud and Taalut.

The APC Kwara Central Senatorial Candidate is soft-spoken and chooses his words. Abdullahi is garrulous. He is perhaps mistaking his garrulity for wisdom. There is no wisdom in being a loquacious person. Even this has caused him a huge damage in his Saraki camp. Some people do not regard him because he goes about talking too much and saying rubbish.

Abdullahi can go and pick a job in the radio house or TV station so that he can talk from morning to night and debate. People are not keen about talk but impact. Those whom Turaki had impacted their lives are anxiously waiting for the election day to vote him in so that he gets a bigger platform to make more impacts. The Sango people who now enjoy electricity after long time blackout are not interested in paperworks and grammar. They want impacts on their lives. The earlier Abdullahi knows this, the better. But it's obviously too late to mend for him.

The attempt by Bolaji Abdullahi to absolve himself of initiating attacks on Mustapha's personality is dull. His boys have been the sole sharers of contents attacking Mustapha. They have been the brains behind the phantom platform Kwara Daily attacking Mustapha. Yet Bolaji Abdullahi says he's not aware. Let him come out and disown those boys. I hope the boys will be wise enough to see that Abdullahi will not be there for them when the consequences of their criminal trade come.

I urge the Turaki to remain focused making impacts and refuse to be drawn into this essay contest Abdullahi is trying to lure him into. The ordinary people are not interested in these back and forth. They want to see impacts on their lives. They know who has truly made this impact and would reward him handsomely with their votes.

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