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Friday 21 April 2023

NANS pass Vote Of Confidence On Donald Amagba

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) ZONE C is the umbrella body of students of Nigeria identity studying in the north central region and is saddled with the Responsibility to defend and protect the rights and welfare of its members within the Zone and also serve as key stakeholders in the affairs of the country as it concerns the Zone. 

We have over the years followed with keen interest the achievements and developmental strides of Comrade Donald Amagba, we are also aware of the Outcry by some members of the Department of Outdoor Advertisements and Signages(DOAS) who are supposed to be stakeholders in progress of the FCT drag the a reputable Company M/S TAKUSHARA NIGERIA LIMITED which is duly and legally engaged by the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) to court thereby disregarding a Court Judgement nullifying their activities and declaring DOAS Illegal, thereby in extention dragging the reputation of many highly respected individuals to the mud.

Our main concern is the attack from some persons on one of our members, A former SUG President of the Zone and member of NANS in the Zone, the person of Comr Donald Amagba who remains an Icon to Nigerian Students.
However, some people have decided to distract him from continuing with the mandate of delivering on the task of properly channeled Revenue generation to the Council which will be used to serve and better the welfare of the people of AMAC especially those living in rural Areas, through the provisions of portable drinking water, good roads, health facilities etc by bringing unsubstantiated allegations that have no basis for intellectual reasoning,He has been subjected to all manner of attack and intimidation on social, Print and televised media and his good name and hard earned reputation is being dragged to the mud for a Job he was duly engaged as Technical Partner to aid revenue generation on the collection of Revenue from Signposts within AMAC. 
Knowing Comrade Donald as a deligent and upright man,we know fully well that some persons are not happy with the success of a young business man who has transcend all obstacles to be assigned the enormous responsibility of revenue collection in the Council which will bring an end to the decade of thuggery and harassment of unsuspecting taxpayer's and would do everything possible to frustrate him, we initially dismissed those allegations.

 However, we have noticed the intensified media campaign against him to the extent that people are being instigated against him thereby threatening his security and that of his family, 
NANS ZONE C took the pain to investigate the various allegations-We found no merit in them. 
Below are our Findings;
i. That the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) with a letter of engagement from the council duly engaged M/S TAKUSHARA NIGERIA LTD, A Company owned by Comr Donald Amagba as Technical Partners to aid the collection of Revenue within AMAC for a Period of One year. 

ii. That the Department causing this chaos which is the Department of Outdoor Advertisements and Signages has been nullified by a Competent court of Jurisdiction, that the department only had a contract with the said Area Council to last for 10 years which it's contract by law has been terminated since December, 2022. 

iii. That the Executive Chairman of the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) has overtime warned the department to stop collecting Revenue on the Council's behalf and has warned the Public to desist from dealing with the said department, We also are aware that the Area Council Chairman has set up a Task force on Revenue Mobilization and Collection to sensitize the teeming public on the need to deal with only M/S TAKUSHARA NIGERIA LTD which is the recognized Contracted Agency by the COUNCIL. 

iv. That the Taskforce is Headed by Yunusa Ahmadu Yusuf, SA to the AMAC Chairman on community development who has in turn warned the general public to desist from dealing with DOAS which is not recognized by law or the Council. 

v. That the Department of Outdoor Advertisements and Signages are operating illegally as it is not backed by any law to operate. 

vi. We also found out that What is happening is just a deliberate attempt to call our fellow Comrade a bad name and drag his hard earned reputation to disrepute.

Comrade Donald Amagba has pursued his agenda of promoting “Integrity, Openness and Accountability” with uncommon vigour and sincerity of purpose. By anchoring his message always on this tripod, He has continued to champion the cause of impactful media and Revenue collection enterprise through effective human resource development and cutting-edge activities with high community focus.

Comrade Donald to us is an inspirational and creative leader with demonstrated ability to manage organizational and cultural change. A self-driven, self-reliant, highly dynamic, articulate, conscientious, innovative, resilient, confidant and persuasive team-builder, who set targets and leads by example. 
Hence, We want to state clearly and categorically that Nigerian Students in the Zone stand firmly with Comr Donald Amagba, because knowing fully well his pedigree we will not allow any set of people or groups to drag our Distinguished Comrade into their quagmire.

We want to use this medium to extend our committed support and Pass a Vote of Confidence on Comrade Donald Amagba,The CEO M/S TAKUSHARA NIGERIA Ltd,and also call on Nigerian Students within the Zone to give our amiable Chief Executive Officer all the necessary Support needed for him to continue to excel and succeed. 
May we use this medium to call ON the Honorable Minister of FCT to wade into this matter as it demands all Urgency, because we know that he believes in the Rule of Law, We also want to call on those sponsoring such allegations and causing Confusion within the Taxpayers to desist from further attacks as Nigerian Students will resist them at all cost.

Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta!

Comr. Anzaku Shedrack CNS

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