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Sunday 21 May 2023

BUA Group's Prolonged Construction Neglect and Insufficient Compensation: A Call for Urgent Action and Fairness

Despite promising to commence operations in 2019, the BUA Group of companies has failed to prioritize the completion of its construction project, leaving stakeholders disillusioned. This critical piece delves into the prolonged construction delays, wastage of valuable lands, neglect of the host community, and the inadequate compensation provided to landowners. With a specific focus on the BUA sugar company located in Lafiagi, it highlights the urgency for the company to address these issues promptly, ensuring fair treatment and accountability.

Prolonged Construction Delays: A Breach of Trust
The extended construction period, spanning over nine years, represents a significant breach of trust between the BUA Group and stakeholders. The company's failure to fulfill its promise of timely execution raises serious concerns about its commitment, competence, and adherence to project timelines. Such delays undermine confidence in the company's ability to deliver on its commitments, disrupt local economic growth, and erode trust in its intentions.

Wasted Lands: Neglecting Productive Potential
The lands occupied by the BUA sugar company in Lafiagi lay dormant, neglected and unutilized. This wasteful disregard for resource optimization not only harms the environment but also deprives landowners of their rights to utilize their lands for farming or other productive purposes. The company's inaction in developing these lands reflects its failure to engage with the local community and leverage the potential for sustainable development and economic growth.

Neglect of the Host Community: Unfulfilled Promises
The neglect of the host community by the BUA Group extends beyond the construction delays. Local residents, who were promised employment opportunities, have been marginalized as a substantial majority of the workforce comprises outsiders. This neglect not only perpetuates a sense of alienation but also denies the community the economic benefits they were led to expect. The company's failure to honor its social responsibilities and foster a mutually beneficial relationship with the host community has further exacerbated the situation.

Insufficient Compensation: A Grave Injustice
Furthermore, the issue of compensation for landowners adds another layer of concern. Landowners have either received no compensation or have been offered amounts that are far below fair market value. The inadequacy of the compensation has left them deeply dissatisfied and aggrieved. The BUA Group's failure to provide just compensation demonstrates a lack of respect for the rights and interests of the landowners, compounding the company's overall disregard for fairness and accountability.

The BUA Group's prolonged construction neglect, coupled with insufficient compensation to landowners, demands immediate attention, fairness, and accountability. The community in Lafiagi entrusted the company with their lands and livelihoods, only to be met with broken promises and disregard for their welfare. It is crucial for the BUA Group to recognize the gravity of the situation, expedite the completion of the construction project, engage with the community, and provide fair and just compensation to the landowners. The government must also play a role in ensuring that the company fulfills its obligations and acts responsibly. By rectifying these issues, the BUA Group can rebuild trust, foster a harmonious relationship with the host community, and fulfill its potential as a catalyst for local development and prosperity. The time for delay and injustice has passed; swift action is imperative to right these wrongs and restore faith in the BUA Group's intentions and operations.

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