Female Lawmaker Cheers Hilda Baci On, Says “Her Endurance, A Testament To Women’s Resilience” - 9japarrot


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Monday 15 May 2023

Female Lawmaker Cheers Hilda Baci On, Says “Her Endurance, A Testament To Women’s Resilience”

A female House of Representatives member, Tolulope Akande-Sadipe has shown her support for Hilda Bassey, a Nigerian chef who intends to break the Guiness World Record for the longest cooking time.

The chef, who targets a 93 hours cooking marathon, has spent over 83 hours showcasing her culinary skills before a live audience.

Mrs. Akande-Sadipe, who represents Oluyole Federal Constituency cheered the foodpreneur and actress on, in a memo on her social media handles, describing her as a brave champion.

Expressing her heartfelt appreciation and unwavering support to the brave chef,  Akande-Sadipe said her determination and incredible endurance is a testament to the remarkable strength and resilience that women possess.

"You have become a shining example of what women are truly capable of achieving. Your dedication to this extraordinary challenge inspires us all and reminds us that there are no limits to what we can accomplish when we set our minds to it. Your commitment to pushing boundaries and surpassing expectations is truly commendable", she said to Hilda.

She urged women to continue cheering Hilda on and wish her success, saying, "I take this moment of Hilda's determination to encourage every woman out there to celebrate and uplift Hilda in her pursuit of this world record".

"Let us join together in recognizing her remarkable achievements and the milestones she has already conquered. Hilda's journey is not only about breaking records but also about empowering women across the globe, showcasing our talents, prowess, strength and resilience", Akande-Sadipe said.

She affirmed her support for Hilda, saying she is proud to see a woman making significant impact in the society.

"As a woman myself and in my capacity as a member of Parliament and the Chairman of the House Committee on Diaspora, I stand firmly behind you, Hilda, and I am proud to see a fellow Nigerian woman making such a significant impact. Your determination serves as an inspiration to countless others, demonstrating that with dedication and perseverance, dreams become reality".

"Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you every step of the way as you continue this incredible feat. May your spirit remain strong, and may you find renewed energy during your well-deserved six-hour break. You are making history, and I have no doubt that you will achieve your goal of breaking the world record".

"Once again, I celebrate you, Hilda. Your journey is a beacon of hope and empowerment for women everywhere. Keep pushing boundaries, inspiring others, and reminding the world of the incredible power we possess".

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