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Thursday 22 June 2023



Turaki, the Emirate star boy, peace be upon you. I am writing this letter to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you on your well-deserved victory at the polls. I believe that your victory is a reflection of the trust and confidence the people of Kwara Central Senatorial District have in your leadership qualities and ability to steer the affairs of the constituency toward progress and development. Permit me to run a few words to your heart, however, it’s pertinent to note that I am writing you as a reminder of your promises to elevate the Emirate and continue the battle of progress that your predecessor Sen. Oloriegbe started.

I am writing to remind you of the expectation from the community, the business leaders who reposed confidence in you, the political gladiators who queued behind you during the electioneering process, over 3 million people who live in the Emirate city of Ilorin, the poorest of the poor who rooted for you and all progressive Kwarans and Nigerians who supported your journey are all waiting for an inclusive representation.

Sen. Mitch McConnell is an American senator, in his letter to President Joe Biden on August 13, 2022, he put “I am a senator today, I can afford everything that requires money, I can buy people too. But what is important to me is the impact I have on my community, they will continue to remember me after my demise, and when I die those impacts will continue to live in my community “The rest is history.

I have been outspoken in my support for your successful stay in office before and after the general election. But I have equally been candid about my serious concerns on how to sustain the legislative performance left behind by Sen. Oloriegbe. In my judgment, there will be occasions when quicker, more proactive, and more decisive decision-making by you will be needed to advance your leadership and, by extension, our own goals and interests as the people you represent.

Turaki, Our support is not primarily about philanthropy or moral abstraction; it is a direct investment in our own future, putting our community development under your watch. With no reason to fail, you should as a matter of expedience, embrace the principle of “My people first” Of much importance is the need for you to wear the toga of a senator from whom much is expected. 

I truly believe we need to realize we are no longer in the times of Godfatherism but in the era of the masses. If so, you need to bring the people into one common struggle. We are all connected in an indirect or direct form which is what I refer to as “The Basis of Life” , our necessities, wants and money. The current purpose of our government is not distributing, maintaining and organizing said aspects of our lives to an exceptional level. Therefore the inhabitants are not satisfied. But we found the ways to solve today’s problems.
So I implore you, what are you doing to help the current state of your constituent? So please, a humble human asking for guidance.

All over the world, beginning from the United States of America, the wind of change is blowing and definitely when I say this, I speak on behalf of my generation; my generation DOES NOT want to be left behind. Now is the time for every Nigerian to start benefiting the Nation’s commonwealth, now is the time for you and our leaders to start investing in the future of our youth, and now is the time for you and our leaders to start looking beyond political, tribal, ethnic and religious differences and put emphasis on those things that bring us all together as a Nation. Turaki, inclusive legislative bidding is achievable. 

Mallam, on a final note, may I inform you that you can also continue to push the bills sponsored by Sen. Oloriegbe that are yet to scale through the legislative deliberation for presidential assent, a win for one is a win for all. I am confident in your capacity to deliver. May your tenure bring comfort to the emirate. With love, Convydence.

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