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Monday 5 June 2023

Raheem Adedoyin: Wandering Child, Come Home

By Otitoju Samuel

"And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood from thy hand. When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth." Genesis 4:11,12.

On Tuesday, 30th May, 2023, Ramon Adedoyin, the chairman of Hilton Honours Hotel, Ile-Ife, alongside two of his employees Adeniyi Aderogba and Oyetunde Kazeem were sentenced to death by hanging by the chief Judge of Osun State, Justice Adepele Ojo. The trio were convicted for the murder of Timothy Adegoke, a post-graduate student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. A receptionist at the hotel, Adesola Adedeji was sentenced to two years imprisonment, while three other members of staff were discharged and acquitted. Timothy Adegoke had lodged at the Hilton Honours Hotel on the 5th November 2021 but was declared missing two days after. He was said to have been murdered within the hotel premises while his remains were conveyed in the dead of the night and buried in a shallow grave. Thereafter the culprits set about destroying all evidence that could ever indicate that he lodged in their hotel. 37-year old Timothy Adegoke was cut down in his prime by the conspiracy and machinations of wicked men in whose hotel he had sought shelter and refuge while trying to advance his educational pursuits. Apart from the fact that judgements have been passed on the accused, the sanctuary -turned-butchery hotel, according to the judgment read, is to be forfeited to the state; ditto the Hilux vehicle that was used in the commission of the crime.

Raheem Adedoyin is son to Ramon Adedoyin. The father is the founder and chairman of the notorious Hilton Honours Hotel; the son is the managing director. Both father and son were indicted in the murder of Timothy Adeleke, but whereas the father surrendered to be investigated, tried and subsequently convicted, the son absconded and has been on the run ever since. It is imperative to know that despite his conviction alongside three of his staff members, Raheem Adedoyin continues to insist that he is innocent of the charges brought against him. If we assume (but not concede) that he is innocent as he claims, it then becomes curious why his son, Raheem is on the run. Can it then be that the father is indirectly saying that he is the innocent one while his son is the guilty one but he is only trying to be a scapegoat for his son? Does he hope that the legal process will not be thorough enough to indict the two of them at once? Can he in all honesty swear that neither himself nor any of his family members have been in touch with his fleeing son? That he does not even know whether his son is alive or not? It will be a tall tale to believe that in this age of IT explosion that places communication at our finger tips he has no clue where his son is hiding. It will be safe to believe that the Adedoyin family knows where their son is hiding but only hope the coast will be clear soon enough for them to reunite. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for the cause of justice, his employees have helped to unravel the jigsaw by giving the full and indicting details of all that transpired after the murder of Adeleke. Adesola Adedeji, the receptionist on duty on the night the crime was committed confessed to the fact that both father Ramon and son Raheem were at the meeting where she was made to alter documents relating to the visit of the victim to their hotel. She was even coached by both father and son what she was to tell the police so as to scuttle investigation. What a damning confession! What a helpful revelation by the receptionist! In essence, the court has been able to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the fleeing son Raheem Adedoyin is as guilty as his convicted father. Raheem Adedoyin has therefore been declared a wanted man. Commendation is due the Nigerian Police for a job well done. They have shown that a sense of sanity can still be found in an organization that is always maligned and vituperated. If the police can be thorough in their investigations, the course of justice can always be greatly helped. It becomes sickening when cases are bungled and victims are left to suffer in silence because investigations are shoddily done with the aim to kill the case even before it gets to the courts.

Cain is the name of the first murderer on earth. His story as recorded in the Bible is that of a man who out of envy and jealousy killed Abel his brother. When God, the arbiter, questioned him about his brother's whereabouts, he responded sarcastically thus: " am I my brother's keeper?". God told Cain that the voice of his brother's blood cried against him from the ground. God then pronounced a heavy judgment on him. God said that Cain would no longer get good harvests from his labour of tilling the ground, and furthermore, he would be a fugitive and a vagabond on the earth. So heavy was this curse on Cain that he confessed that his punishment was more than he could bear. He feared that anyone who found him would slay him. That is the way with those who kill other people- they greatly fear to die. Let us bring Raheem Adedoyin into the place of Cain. The court has pronounced that his father, Ramon and two of his hotel employees are to die by hanging for the murder of Timothy Adegoke. The same court has also pronounced that the son Raheem who is the hotel MD is culpable in the death of the same victim. Now, Raheem Adedoyin is on the run, fleeing from the long arm of the law. The court has ordered the Interpol to get him arrested so he can face criminal charges. Though convicted, the father continues to insist he is innocent. He however he did not vouch for his son's innocence neither did he say he is ready to accept the role of a vicarious sacrifice. For these reasons, the son is under obligation to come back home from his aimless wanderings so as to put matters to rest. He may even help to free his father from this culdesac and put an end to a family nightmare. But no, he has decided otherwise. He has chosen the path of Cain, a fugitive and a vagabond.

Raheem Adedoyin why are you on the run? Why have you chosen to be the Cain of our generation, the fugitive and vagabond roaming the earth? You must have heard or read the court decision. You might have hoped so, but your father's wealth was not able to save him from the long arm of the law; it cannot save you as well. But you cannot afford to let your father down at this time that he needs you most. He sent you to school. You have led the lavish lifestyle of the rich courtesy of your father's wealth. You were made the MD of such a standard hotel not necessarily because of merit but because it belongs to your father. You commanded respect and awe among the staff not just because you were MD but more because you were seen as the owner of the hotel, being your father's property. Timothy Adegoke did not have all these privileges. He was from a poor home; he struggled to get education; he struggled to get a job; he was struggling to be a dependable pillar in his extended family before he was killed in cold blood. You are being accused of having a hand in his death. Will you not return home from your foolhardy wandering to prove that you and your father know nothing about the young man's death? His family will be glad to have you back to shed more light that will help unravel the puzzle about his death. The Nigerian Police will be happy to assist you in helping the court arrive at a sound judgment devoid of miscarriage of justice. Your father having done so much for you will be happy if this is the least you can do for him at his time of need. He lacks nothing in terms of worldly riches and comfort but life becomes miserable for him now that he is in incarceration awaiting the hang man's noose. If you refuse to come back home, the court of public opinion will judge you harshly. It will be inferred that you and your father are guilty of murder. The conclusion would be that your father has deliberately asked you to stay away until he is able to wriggle out of this nightmare.

 In Ola Rotimi's play, THE GODS ARE NOT TO BLAME, we find a character called king Odewale. In a feat of unbridled rage, Odewale killed king Adetusa in his farm at Ede, at a junction where three paths met. Haunted by what he had done, he was running away until he came to Kutuje where he was made king. It later turned out that he had only returned to his native land. King Adetusa whom he killed was actually his father. He did not only kill his father, he eventually married his mother, thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Oracle. If only king Odewale did not run away.......
Raheem Adedoyin, wandering child, come home. You have roamed for too long. You cannot find rest while running away from your crime; and if you are not a criminal come home and prove it. Cursed is the path of the fugitive and vagabond though he escape the justice of man.

Otitoju Samuel, former radio presenter, active poet and writer, lives in Ilorin.

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