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Monday 7 August 2023

Marriage Does Not Give You Right To Be Evil And Wicked - Activist Aisha Yesufu

By Afeez Saheed

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu, has taken to social media to state that her future daughter-in-law has a right to retaliate and should, if ever she (Yesufu) slaps her.

Yesufu made this known via her Twitter page Sunday while reacting to a previous tweet by one Kene who said his wife has only two options to choose from; death or coma, should she retaliate if his mother slaps her.

"Some of you young women are very useless. Your mothers in-law talked to you and you have the guts to talk at her back? Ina Apu Ara? She slapped you because you raised your voice at her and you get mind-slap her back? Well na vegetable dey marry una.....Them no born you well to talk back at my mother when she's talking to you...

"If I come back and hear that my mum slapped you and you slapped back, you definitely have two options to choose one..... Mortuary or coma."

Responding to Kene's tweet, Yesufu encouraged her daughter-in-law to retaliate should she slap her first. She continued advising that the young lady walk away from her marriage if her husband (Yesufu's son) takes his mother's side.

“I am old enough to be a mother-in-law and I have a son that can marry this minute if he so wishes so I am more than qualified to speak on this issue. 

"If I should slap my daughter-in-law or potential one, she MUST ensure she gives me back double and walk away if my son supports nonsense. What the hell do you people think marriage confers on you? The right to be evil and wicked?," she wrote.


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