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Sunday, 19 April 2020

AbdulRazaq is Not Leaving the Oppositions Behind

AbdulRazaq is Not Leaving the Oppositions Behind 

The culvert below has been in tatters for years. Now the Kwara state government is repairing it and I am not bothered about it. You should not bother about it either, except for the fact that this culvert is located exactly in front of the gate of a formal local government chairman and a former Special Adviser under Saraki and Abdulfatai administrations, a man known as Bibire Ajape.

Bibire Ajape was once the Chairman of Ilorin East local government, a former Special Adviser on Political matters to ex-Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed and one of the most well know allies of the former dispensation in Kwara state.

When they say politicians know no shame, they couldn’t have described politicians like Bibire Ajape fondly called Barrywhite better. The culvert is located exactly in front of Bibire’s gate and has been in this sorry state for years. What he failed to realize was that they will not be in power forever.

Of all people, Bibire has all the chances of engraving his name in the hearts of many citizens, toeing the path of immortality and doing things that today would have become a thing of pride and strength — things to remember even as the pendulum of political power shifted from them. But instead, he spent his time blabbing all over radio stations, moving from one derisory appointment to another and looting money meant to cater for the future of the mates of his grandchildren.

What was left again is the image of so many things they should have done but left undone which the government of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is now doing. This culvert is one of them.

An inclusive government leaves no one out, and under only such government can we hope for change, can we hope for growth and can we hope for prosperity, as opposed to despair, stagnation and retrogression to which we were accustomed.

If there is any pointer at the fact that Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is only on a mission to take Kwarans, irregardless of their political affiliations, out of the misery, this is it.

Yunus Abdullahi writes from Ilorin.

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