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Saturday, 2 May 2020






What makes individual differences is in line with priority. In the world of mortals, our priorities are geometrically not the same and that has defined our differences.

It is pertinent to appreciate greatness birthed by quintessential leadership philosophy, unequalled motherly care and peerless cerebral intelligence. Understanding the ingenuity of Gbemisola Rukayat Saraki is akin to describing an elephant by a group of blind men.

A group of blind men heard that a strange animal, called an elephant, had been brought to the town, but none of them were aware of its shape and form. Out of curiosity, they said: "We must inspect and know it by touch, of which we are capable". So, they sought it out, and when they found it they groped about it.

In the case of the first person, whose hand landed on the trunk, said "This being is like a thick snake". For another one whose hand reached its ear, it seemed like a kind of fan. As for another person, whose hand was upon its leg, said, the elephant is a pillar like a tree-trunk. The blind man who placed his hand upon its side said the elephant, "is a wall".

Another who felt its tail, described it as a rope. The last felt its tusk, stating the elephant is that which is hard, smooth and like a spear.

Having understudy the JUGUNNU of Kwara State on both run-down and healthful scale, the myths and facts about GRS has been deployed by the scenario painted above.

The parable has been used to illustrate a range of truths and fallacies; broadly, the parable implies that one's subjective experience can be true, but that such experience is inherently limited by its failure to account for other truths or a totality of truth. At various times the parable has provided insight into the relativism, opaqueness or inexpressible nature of truth, the behavior of experts in fields of contradicting theories, the need for deeper understanding, and respect for different perspectives on the same object of observation.

GRS is a quintessential woman with traceable records of diligence and good leadership, the myths on what has she done while on seat as the Senator representing the Kwara Central could be easily expunged by the projects facilitated by her office during the period.

The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.

She is attributed as woman of substance, for her impeccable self-reliant, influential with class, ambitious and plan for her goals. A woman who attains power with her own efforts and make her identity in society.

She strives to live a life that means something and chooses to participate rather than be a spectator in life in order to be part of the solution as opposed to the problem.

A strong woman builds her own world. She is one who is wise enough to know that it will attract the man she will gladly share it with.

She sees emotion, passion and compassion as valuable assets, not things to be ignored or hidden. To that end, GRS brings more and more women in leadership positions in pushing the boundaries of gender equality by utilizing their strengths and leadership qualities – in skill, knowledge, experience and emotion. They are pursuing the things they want from their job and their career, not waiting for it to come to them. The key is confidence in all your resources and abilities, not just those represented on paper.

For so long, women have determined career success by their ability to adjust to the male-dominated culture and business processes in their field. Women try to play by the existing rules in the workplace and have the additional hurdle of society's perceptions of how women should act and be seen.

While education and practice are reducing some of the invisible angst of being a woman in a leadership role, there are still challenges to face and overcome. It rests on current women leaders to embrace their role-model status and address those challenges head-on with action and execution.

If many of GRS are in the helm of affairs, then, I am confident that the gap will be bridged. She is well know for her resilience and obduracy in achieving and attainment of standard.

GRS is a top Political Poo-bah is Kwara State and also sits with the president of the country to design plan for the citizens. She embraces individuality and mentor all and sundry to be a better version of themselves.

In a more convincing tone, she uses eloquence to voice strength and courage out to the followers both remote and immediate; GRS tent is unarguably the largest camp in the today Kwara State Political Climes.

I have learnt through her that finding a dream in life and pursue it is an essential part of our lives. Live up to your morals and values- always remain aware of them.

There are leaders who care not about the growth and development of their followers, they believe in dashing out stipends will suffice and quench the thirst of their hungry and sheepish followers.

GRS is a dynasty that mentors the innate and acquired leadership among the younger ones to actualize their dream.

She is a blessing to Humanity and her humane with helpful nature distinguised her from the scores of those who claim to be leaders but apparently looters.

Several numbers of youth had drunk from the ocean of her wisdom, intellengentsia, smartness, proactive-ness and humility. GRS is a NONPAREIL the state is having as a golden daughter.

I join the whole world to celebrate and felicitate with the almoner and founder of GRS family on her auspicious and monumental birthdate. May Allah bless her with uncountable blessings and give her the strength to lead the country aright.

Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki
Friends of Gbemisola Rukayat Saraki (FGRS)

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