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Wednesday 27 May 2020

Kwara: 24 Listed Road Projects EXECUTED by Gov AbdulRazaq

AbdulRazaq's giant strides in road infrastructure

The AbdulRazaq led Govt only a few months ago embarked on massive construction of roads across the state under its rural-urban renewal initiative project to improve economic growth and development in the state and mitigate rural-urban migrations. 

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq  in his wisdom to revive Kwara's dwindling economic fortunes, mandated the companies executing the projects to patronize local artisans, industries and businesses in the host communities.

This was targeted at promoting local content development in Kwara state and by extension creating job opportunities for the teeming youths while reducing youth unemployment.

The underlisted road projects are either completed or nearing completion in line with the time frame ahead of the fall season;

1. Ipata Market (Internal Roads Ilorin East LGA) - 490m

2. CAC Ogere road in Babaloma town in Ifelodun LGA - 1.7Km

3. Emir's road, Patigi, Patigi LGA -  1.2Km

4. College of Education road linking University of Ilorin (Mini Campus) road, Ilorin - 800m

5. Used Motor Spare Parts Market, Jengbe, Ipata Oloje (Internal road), Ilorin - 850m

6. Secretariat road, Lafiagi, Edu LGA - 1.54Km

7. Tswata-Bodzo road, Tsonga, Edu LGA - 1.3Km

8. Tsaragi-Market-Batakpan Box culvert road, Edu LGA - 1.5Km

9. Town Hall/Station road, Erin-Ile, Oyun LGA - 960m

10. Museum Road, Esie, Irepodun LGA - 3Km

11. Adeta Primary School road linking Kuntu, Ilorin West LGA - 1Km

12. Queen Elizabeth School (Internal road), Ilorin- 1.5Km

13. Oro-Ago to Oyate, Ifelodun LGA - 2.3Km

14. Osi township road, Ekiti LGA - 3.5Km

15. Shao Township road, Moro LGA - 1.2Km

16. Kaiama roundabout to General Hospital, Kaiama LGA - 950m

17. Gberia Township road, Kaiama LGA - 1.5Km

18. Construction of Sobi Specialist Hospital - Gaa-Osibi - Medina road, Ilorin South LGA - 2Km

19. Alore - Banni - Adabiyati, Ilorin West LGA - 1.1Km

20. Construction of Asa Dam (Lower road) by Railway flyover - 700m

21. Awolowo road - Tanke linking Danialu Primary school, Ilorin South - 1.3Km

22. Sango - Akerebiata road rehabilitation (Hydraulic structure and 1.2Km Asphalt  overlay in Ilorin East LGA

23. Market Junction - Emir's palace, Gwanara, Baruten LGA - 1.1Km

24. Adeta Primary School road linking Kuntu, Ilorin West LGA - 1Km

Fafoluyi Olayinka M. Solace,
SA, New Media to the Kwara state Governor.

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