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Sunday 31 May 2020

Opinion: Danhawa lashes back at Gov. AbdulRazak detractors

Gov AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq

...Says AbdulRazaq achieved in a year, what they can't for decades

The Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Kwara state on Political Matters, Hon. Abdulkareem Yusuf Danhawa has reacted to comments by some opposition stalwarts, who attempted to score down the present government’s performance in its one year in office.

The politician, while responding to questions from journalists said it is no surprise for unproductive elements that dominates the opposition party never sees anything good in Governor AbdulRazaq’s efforts that has reawaken Kwara state out of the comatose they left it, nothing that the architect of a problem will never be happy seeing it solved, especially earlier than expected.

“It is normal for opposition to criticize, that is the beauty of democracy, but constructively. However, some people who are instrumental to the rots in our state and still sabotaged efforts to solve such problems in recent past lacks the moral right to down score Governor AbdulRazaq under any guise, despite all the visible projects executed across the State”, Danhawa said.

“I found it utterly surprising that individuals notorious for diverting tractors meant to enhance mechanized farming and boost agricultural development in parts of Kwara North into personal farms, is unnecessarily casting aspersion against a government that recently concluded arrangements to make farm implements available to farmers at a subsidized rate.

"These are same set of people known for diverting public roads to their private residences, even when their people had no road access”.

Danhawa said in less than a year, the present administration has to its credit, renovation of no fewer than hundreds of schools across the State, but a man who diverted public funds meant to build schools in communities within his indigenous local government to personal use never find it worthy of an accolade.

"As a commissioner for Energy for 4years, we knew how this individual did forget many communities in his local government of origin were not connected to national grid, one of those positive disasters of Governor AbdulRazaq brought to Baruten is connecting many of our communities that are off national grid and reconnecting those that were disconnected for as long as six years. So, it is normal for them to feel embarrassed with the recent development in the polity."

"These are people bestowed with public trust for 16years but made a mess out of Kwara state and now benchmarking their wasteful almost two decades against one productive year of AbdulRazaq."

 “Hon. Zakari Mohammed for instance was in government as at 2003; as Special Assistant Youth and Sports, Commissioner for Energy between 2007 to 2011 and oversees the health ministry later in that political dispensation, before elected to the Federal House of Representatives in 2011 where he served for 8years.  Zakari’s was ruinous years of political infertility, rather than develop the state, they teamed up to develop their personal interests at the detriment of their own people”. 

Reacting to claims that Governor AbdulRazaq is on vendetta mission, Danhawa noted it is expected for corrupt elements to resist radical changes aimed at retrieving what rightfully belongs to the people but misappropriated by their cohorts. The people who matters ultimately are seeing and feeling the good governance AbdulRazaq is delivering, the schools they left in shabby states are now fixed, our people now have water and light, bad roads are being fixed and new ones under construction, even Gure where Hon. Zakari hails from is not exempted from AbdulRazaq’s water intervention project.

“Kwarans knew the attitude of the actors of years past to civil service management, how they turned it to a personal affair of such, but Governor AbdulRazaq has changed the paradigm of public service. No civil servant was hounded for political reasons as obtainable in recent past, the Governor handled the civil service strictly apolitically and making optimal use of its instrumentality to better the lots of the State”.

Danhawa said “the idleness of AbdulRazaq’s political detractors is understandable, since Kwarans sacked them from the monumental looting they are accustomed to, which informed their bitterness. No disaster is bigger than those entrusted with power betraying, shortchanging and oppressing their own people, which is what Zakari and co represents before the people of Baruten and Kwarans". 

“Their dislodged hegemonic political structure that reduced these set of federal lawmakers to servers and waiters in their political lord’s temple is perpetually a thing of the past/ For us in the All Progressives Congress, it is normal in an egalitarian political party like ours to have dissenting voices and that even reflects strong intra party democracy. So, instead of poke nosing into our intra party affairs, they should rather be sober, seek repentance from Kwarans for swindling them and grow the balls to develop to political maturity that they won’t continue to be mind prisoners in the name of political loyalty,” Danhawa added.

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