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Tuesday 21 July 2020


Buhari mourns friend, political associate, Ismaila Isa Funtua

    It is not the position that makes the leader; it is the leader that makes the position. - john maxwell.
   As a  northern youth when we were growing up,the love for Buhari in the core north was something that is audible to deaf and visible to the blind,he was seen as the sole messiah to Nigeria's woes,no wonder from the moment he started to contest elections Buhari have been shown massive support from the region,until finally he won the 2015 general elections.

  The joy in the face of the masses cannot be over emphasized as they celebrate the one man they think  is the anti corruption crusader,what went wrong along the the line,what happened to the agile,no nonsense and fierce former military dictator whom he later called himself as a repentant democrat,where is the zeal,the vigor and the intensity he was known for when it comes to doing the right thing,that Nigeria today,most especially his region are greatly disadvantaged in this dispensation.

  North Eastern Nigeria prior to the coming of Buhari in 2015,we at the mercy of the Boko Haram,under its dreaded leader Shekau,Borno,Yobe,Adamawa some part of Bauchi and Gombe,were hotspots for insurgents, it reached to an extent that they fly their flags as caliphate,with full control of power in over 17 local government areas,thanks to Buhari those local governments were reclaimed and IDPs returned to their homes. But today the entire north is suffering, ranging from Boko Haram in the North east,to Bandits in the north west and farmers herders clashes in the north central,the whole north have been overwhelmed by crisis.

  The one thing Nigerians thought Buhari will deal with decisively is corruption, but unfortunately under his watch corruption has been done in the open,just yesterday a disgusting revelation was made by the minister of Niger Delta,as to how contracts in that ministry were awarded to members of the national assembly and how the former chairman of NDDC has accused the minister of mismanagement, and wanton corruption in the ministry. This is not too far from the Magu and malami saga,that has made a lot of Nigerians lost hope in the fight for corruption.

  In several occasions the court have given a lot of directives as regards cases of human rights and other accused person,the 'Mai gaskiya' regime has flaunt those orders making the judicial arm of the government look weak and despicable. Dasuki and Federal government,is the most classical example as regards how the Buhari administration has disregard for rule of law.

  The coming of Covid 19,has further shown how I'll prepared the Nigerian government is to education, stopping the final year students from writing their WAEC but preparations are in top gear for gubernatorial elections in Edo and Ondo states,where it is practically impossible to observe the covid 19,protocol. Not to mention the incessant ASUU strike as regards the issue of IPPIS which to this time,ASUU claims its members were forcefully captured in the fraudulent scheme.

  Nigeria as a country has never been divided along religious and ethnic lines,like in this administration, the south accusing the government of favoring northerners in terms of appointment in key positions, while the north accuse the south of enjoying key infrastructural project from the administration, Nigerians both home and abroad no longer see each other as brothers,because they have been brainwashed by the activities of the government.

 Is this really what we bargained for?

  Hope is not lost totally,the administration still has two and half years to make the positive change we all yearned for,Mr President we are solidly behind you and will continue to support you in prayers,but truth be told things are not fine in this country, we pray you succeed in the piloting of Nigeria's affairs.

Dauda Haruna Tula
Twitter @hdauda90

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