[Op-Ed]: "THE DAWN, THE GLORIOUS: IT'S MR. SAEED'S BIRTHDAY"- By Abdulsalam I. K - 9japarrot


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Thursday 27 August 2020


Cover your ears with palms,
The trumpet of joy,
Wants to vomit,
The praises, the worth....
Saheed is a year holder!

There hear I a knock,
On the door of a sparking light,
Exiting to another mark on the space.
Where man grows in age!
A transition may we name it,
From 'once upon a child'
To the theatre of manhood.
Saeed, long may you live!

The world, make for us,
A banner reading 'joy'.
Sow for us, the tailor,
Garment without let,
Without marks of Soweto.
Ilu bata, do speak in tongue.
For sekere to relate her story.
And gangan to free me from cold.
A leader defeats death today!

Saeed bounces again,
Like a cat from Woli's arms.
He crosses the red sea,
Like brother moses of Israel.
The sea,
Joining youths and ancestors.
A warrior waving wailings,
Waiting willingly without worries....
Weeping or 'wanted' will not weigh you, walahi.

Don't create a roadblock,
His giant horse has the map,
Don't release the arrow,
The mirror in his mind,
Is as strong as Mount Zion,
Make but no Judas for him,
Saheed has no arms to bear cross.
The road of success,
He creates, he nurses.
Let's walk it down, altogether.

Saeed is a giant hawk,
Whose wings cover the Sky's face,
A giant whale neibouring 'mami water'.
Do you speak of a Lion's den?
Saheed's shadow is enough!
Don't set on the prowl!
Don't lay in ambush!
Saeed is a winner.
Winner winning winnings.
Let the world hold his crown,
Let us lift his throne,
Let voice beam from the clown,
For, Saheed's age has been gowned

If you hear clearly this voice,
I'm the parrot,
Hooting and zooming,
From the nest of 9japarrot.
As Saeed deflowered,
The virgin forest,
Of age and success,
Sweet fruits may he plough.


By: Abdulsalam I. K. (Black Aristotle)

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