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Wednesday 16 September 2020

Community Petitions Gov AbdulRazaq over Land sold to Toyin Saraki by past Govt

A certain Community in Kwara State has petitioned the AbdulRazaq led government over a land belonging to the foundation of the Former First lady of Kwara state and wife of the immediate past Senate president Bukola Saraki.

According to reports, the community addressed the letter to the state Governor which is titled "Petition against well-being foundation Non Governmental organization established by Mrs Toyin Saraki as First lady of the then Kwara State governor", the community clearly stated in it petition that the land has now becomes an abode of different Immoralities

Below is the details of the letter; 

"This above subject matter refers:
"A heartfelt appeal to the Executive governor of kwara state, His Excellency, we present this petition for the well-being of our community against 'the wellbeing foundation' an organization established by the yesteryear wife of the executive Governor of Kwara state, Mrs Toyin Saraki acquired a land beside National Hajj commission office Ilorin, Kwara State from the then Executive governor of kwara state, Dr Abubakar bukola Saraki. 

"This said parcel of land had since that time of his tenureship been lying follow without any structure. This is an area that is supposed to be fully developed.

"It is obviously noted that this land had been there virgin, follow and bushy since the tenure of the Dr Bukola Saraki as the governor of Kwara state. The area where this land is located was predominantly designated for residential by default. 

"However as a result of the follow nature of the said land, growth in that wing of the community has been seriously retarded.

"Consequently we are faced with thick bush in years out. This large expense of land is shielding dangerous and petty criminals and this had long been posing serious threat to our community.
Several correspondence had been forwarded to the various authorities concerned, even as well as to the foundation herself but of which all devoid any positive action or reaction. 

"Due to this, menace has been the second nature of our community. The said underdeveloped large expanse of land is posing serious threat in our community. 

"To be more precised if not exaggerating, there had been several cases of phones snatching, assault, an attempt rape, car theft and kidnapping largely operating on the members of our community. 

"One Mr. Calestine was kidnapped on said land in the year 2017 and it took grace of God for him to escape in Ogbomosho, Oyo state, stacked naked. A lot of items were carted away from him including his One million, three hundred thousand naira, all his phones, clothes, chain and wrist watch were stolen.

"Furthermore, in the early year 2019 on the same land a car theft was committed and the car owner struggled with the thieves but consequently upon that he was hospitalized for months because of his resistance and he was severely wounded. 

"What is very fresh in our mind is another theft on the 1st day of September 2020 at about 8:30 pm where a brand new car Toyota Camry 2012 was snatched at the gun point. 

"The said car is barely two weeks and this ungodly people were able to accomplish their evil intention due to the said land because they laid ambush on that land for unsuspected victims.

"It is on this premises of this we bring forth this petition in good faith. We urge you to use your good office to compel wellbeing foundation to erect structures in this land to generate traffic. In the alternative, we urge you sir to look deeply in order to establish whether or not any part of the law has been contravene in the process of acquiring this land and or detecting whether there has been any breach of law of Kwara state.

"It is our recommendation that, in the event that the government is desirous of revoking wellbeing Foundation interest in the said land. It will be highly recommend to revoke same for overriding public interest.

"Thank you as we await quick and favourable response from you sir.

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