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Sunday 4 October 2020

Glo EasyShare: How to Share Credit or Airtime on Glo Network

Glo Nigeria the grand master of data has also put in place initiatives that will enable one to some extend preserves this culture of sharing including sharing Glo airtime or credit called Glo Me2u or Glo EasyShare between Globacom customers.

Globacom is a very smart and innovative telecommunication company that has been satisfying the needs of its customers even allowing them extends love to each other by introducing the data and call sharing mediums which is the Glo Me2U or Glo EasyShare.

Other network like MTN and Airtel have also done quite well as they also allow their various customers share data and call credit to other users of the various networks.

See these USSD codes for data and credit on other networks in Nigeria

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Globacom Telecommunication not only allows her customers share data with their friends and family, but they also allow customers share call credit to other Glo customers.

While other Nigerian networks like MTN introduced sharing on its network called the MTN share “N” sell, sharing on Glo network is made possible with the easy share; this service allows Glo customers share their call credit or airtime with their family or friends that also use the Glo network.

The first thing to do before you can start sharing Glo airtime or using the Glo airtime transfer service is to change your default PIN for security reasons. This means that you will have to change or create a Glo PIN which has been given in the steps below.

However, you should also note that the default pin is 00000, the new PIN must be a five digit number. After this you can transfer any amount of airtime or credit ranging from N50 to N5000 by dialing *131*phone number*Amount*PIN#.

What is Glo Me2U or Glo EasyShare?

Glo Nigeria also introduced another platform for sharing or transferring call credits or airtime which is called Glo Nigeria Me2U or Easy Share, this initiative also allows customers share call credit to family and friends that uses Glo SIM.

Why spend more on buying call credits when you can simply transfer airtime to friends and family or anyone you choose as long as the customer is on Glo network. All you need do is use the Glo EasyShare USSD code and viola, it’s done.

Steps on how to share credit or airtime on Glo using Glo Me2U or EasyShare

The Glo Me2U or EasyShare for sharing credit and airtime requires activation before use; this activation involves sending a short SMS code to a specific number and setting up a password by executing a USSD command.
The default Glo Me2U or EasyShare password is 00000.
To activate the Me2U or EasyShare, send “ACT” to 131. A notification message will be sent to you that the service will be activated within a day. Once activated, you will receive an SMS alert that your line has been activated.
Changing password is highly recommended to prevent unauthorized use. To change the password, execute the USSD command by dialing *132*00000*New password*New password# then send.
To transfer airtime or call credit to anyone on Glo network, use the USSD command *131*Glo number*Airtime amount*Password# then send. For example to send N500 airtime to 081xxxxxxxx and your new password is 77222, dial *131*081xxxxxxxx*500*7722#.

The procedures for sharing airtime or credit in the Glo Nigeria Me2U are the same as the Glo EasyShare which is all you need above.

Note: Glo Me2u and Glo EasyShare are the same.

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