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Monday 28 December 2020

Kwara Health Care: Elelu, The Untold Story Of The Heroine at KWSPHCDA

Going by the current success and achievements on record at the Kwara State Primary Health Care Development Agency, one cannot but give kudos to His Excellency, The Executive governor of Kwara State, Alhaji ABDULRAHMAN Abdulrazaq for his brilliant pick of Dr Nusirat Elelu to head the agency at a time where there are abundant capable people scattered across Kwara state.

The total turn around in a  matter of months of her take-over is unprecedented. The zeal and passion employed by the indefatigable daughter of the Emirate is almost unimaginable.

KWSPHCDA in her stewardship is breaking limits than expected. And one would wonder if there has never been any Executive Secretary before her appointment; that speaks to her genuine concern to work and dedication to purpose.

Barely 6 months into her appointment, Elelu has fared excellently in the discharge of her duties, by being prompt, spontaneous and responsive to situations as they arises. A mobile and at the same time agile woman towards every health related issues in our communities. She has never for a time found wanting in negligence or abuse of her duties.

Under her stewardship as the Executive Secretary of KWSPHCDA, Elelu is leaving no stone unturned in her quest to ensure quality service delivery for our grassroot population.

Under her leadership, the Agency met and surpassed the target to reach 6,700 pregnant women in the launched a nutritional supplementation program aimed at accelerating nutrition result in the State,
The program was launched on 27th of February 2020, and it will run simultaneously for five solid years, to be implemented accross 89 local primary health care centres in the State. The program provides amongst other benefits: maternal infant and young child nutrition counselling, iron, folic acid and  intermittent prophylaxis treatment for malaria for our pregnant women etc.
Furthermore, routine and supplemental immunization activities has been ongoing in all the local government areas and supervision is in top gear for effective service   delivery across board.

Also, the Integrated Medical Outreach Program (I-MOP) is a national health care driven outreach, which is taking place in 12 of the 16 local government areas in the state.
The outreach aimed at strengthening Routine Immunization intensification in Kwara state, and the program is being run under State Emergency Routine Immunization Coordination Centre (SERICC).
The program which has enjoyed counterpart funding from Kwara State Government under the leadership of His Excellency,  Gov Abdulrasaq, has been successfully held twice this year and in fact 4 additional LGAs were supported in the second round by the State. The last round will take place in the year 2021. Thousands of vulnerable children and pregnant women received free medical intervention including treatment of minor ailments, antenatal care and many more. While the outreach was ongoing, Elelu ensured strict compliance. Happily, virtually every child benefited immensely from the program.
The wide outreach it received is unprecedented and the impact is visible in host communities.
Supervisors were also posted to each wards to ascertain coverage and quality of service.

Since her appointment, Elelu remains committed to the well-being of an average Kwara child and effort are spelt out to achieve them.
She's redefining the state of our primary health centres across the State and eulogies are coming from far, wide, left right and center in respect of her achievement within her short stint at the agency. She's deserves every plaudits she could get. Yes, she is!
She's able to facilitate additional support to Kwara and more partnership in the health sectors, all these speaks to her genuiness and the will to do.

Like a heroine she was expected to be, Elelu is delivering and all indices points to the fact that she's capable of more! I pray Kwara be blessed with multitude Elelus!

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