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Sunday, 20 December 2020


Since myself realization as an adult,I don't know any politician that has enjoyed a widespread acceptance throughout the length and breadth of the country like Buhari,he has enjoyed unconditional love from the masses all in the quest to have a better life.

Prior to his bid for reelection in the 2019 general polls,at some point Mr president took Nigerians for granted that many even said he won't go for campaigns, but those close to him signalled the danger ahead and if he is to undertake that road,despite his ill health Mr president took it upon himself to go to the nooks and crannies of the nation.

In all indices that governance is measured anywhere in the world,he has failed, the ultimate aim for leadership anywhere is the protection of lives and properties and that was the backbone of his campaign during 2015 general elections.

Five years later Nigeria is witnessing the worst security threat in its history, North western part of the country is at the mercy of armed bandits,cattle rustlers,the north east,Boko Haram are still viable and active,perpetrating acts of terrorism at will and undeterred,  north central is now having its own share of security threat with kidnappers and bandits having a field day. In the south the story is still the same.

Economically the Nigerian currency has never lost its value as it deed under the watchful eyes of Mr Integrity, just last week a dollar is been exchanged for #500 naira,whom did we offend in this country, direct foreign investment is at its lowest,cash flow is a mirage and food items are on the rise daily.

Corrupt public servants and politicians have never been protected as they were under the watch of "Mai gaskiya"with Kalu even after been convicted the supreme court later reverse the judgement and is now working freely ,it is in this current political dispensation that animals eat up cash in millions and nobody has been punished for that,children are at home and some people claimed that those students were fed,and the most recent one is, the national disgrace that palliatives meant for the masses were hoarded by state governors and many selfish politicians. Its no news that when people are taken to court to answer for their excesses you find them slumping and  fainting, most recent is maina of the pension fund.

Abuse for rule of law and stipulated civil service rules have never been violated as they are now,the service chiefs have long reached their retirement age but none has been sent packing, the accountant general of the federation too,soon the inspector general of police will be due for retirement. One can go on and on to mention how our rules and regulations guiding our  conduct as a nation means nothing to him.

Infrastructurally,the  Governor of Borno state the person of Professor Babagana Umara Zulum made a wild allegation and still yet no one has come to counter him,he said "no any single road since the return of democracy has been completed in the north east", what a shame as if the people in that region are not nigerians, in the north west the story is one and  the same,in both his first and second tenure no state has given Buhari more votes than Kano,but no single capital project was started and completed under Buhari,same goes for his home state,the road to katsina is a mess,alas! How do u expect someone who can't even protect lives and properties to provide social amenities for you.

The big question is " WHO IS SABOTAGING BUHARI?"

After careful observation I realised that nobody is sabotaging him,rather he was just an overrated politician, that rode on the antics of anti corruption crusader,the believe that he was an astute leader who will make sure that things were done properly, the believe that he can lay his life for the sovereignty of Nigeria was the mistake we all made.

Many a times I hear people say he has giving more appointment to the northerners more than any government, that's true,but when I give you a job and you fail to do the needful,I send you away and get another person to do the job. The lack of political will is written all over the president, almost every quarter of the country is calling for the sack of service chiefs,but all their calls fell on deaf ears. At the end I realised that no one is sabotaging him,rather his thoughts,his antics and his lack of political will is what is sabotaging him.
God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.

Dauda Haruna Tula
Facebook Hdauda
Twitter. Hdauda90

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