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Tuesday 5 January 2021

Why Akogun needs help? By Babajide Omowumi

We have watched with dismay and regret the various anti socio-political tactics which Chief Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo has employed  to discredit and devalue the government of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara state.

Our affection for Akogun as a front-liner in the "O to ge " struggle that liberated kwara State from the grip of the wicked political dynasty is undiminished, that is why we are anxious that he should be helped to redeem himself before he makes a final plunge.

It is important to reveal that Akogun had always been granted recognition and welcomed to the Government House anytime he so wishes. The Governor's crime according to him is because he has not been consulted in the running of the government of Kwara state. He was magnanimous to accept that the governor had been generous to him financially.

What we may ask is if Akogun wanted another stooge in the Government House like the past administration? And to continually arrogate the success of the "O to ge" movement to himself is like trying to take undue advantage of a joint effort. It is laughable how at every opportunity, Akogun and his cronies lay claim to the success of the O to ge movement. The people made it, Kwarans made, the masses made Abdulrazaq, not Akogun and his radio trumpeters.

Even though Akogun is entitled to his view, his harsh condemnation of Governor Abdulrazaq was a wrong judgement for which I believe posterity will prove Akogun and his dream merchants wrong. 

I was galled by Akogun's statement that he has not seen any remarkable departure from the past administrations. He also refused to admit that the state party chairman, Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa misappropriated campaign funds and materials, admitting that " there were cars and there were motorcycles." It is the height of political naivety to harbor this kind of belief. Does it now means that Akogun is blind to roads and other infrastructural development in the state? Or he does not know that a party chairman must account for missing cars and motorcycles meant for elections? Yet he wants Governor Abdulrazaq run the state with him and other implacable elders. And Akogun thinks Kwarans will believe in this kind of bunkum despite all the infrastructural development in the state?

Maybe Akogun wants Kwarans to know a little more about his inglorious past as Chairman of the PDP.  Especially how the House of Assembly candidates for the 2015 election in kwara State were denied campaign funds. Only National Assembly candidates received money for their election. Yet it was in the public domain that house of assembly candidates in other states received N10m each. While other states received their money, the situation was different in kwara under Akogun. Therefore, his support for the embattled BOB should not be unexpected.

His attempt to also cover up for his mess was responsible for how he hurriedly left the PDP for APC in 2018. The way and manner in which he hurriedly left the PDP without carrying the members along is subject for another discourse.

The problem with  Akogun is that he has worked himself up into an illusion of grandeur, therefore suffering from a kind of psychosis, thinking and claiming that the " O to ge " movement and victory is his making, and that he has majority following in the state. Unfortunately, he has nothing of sort and it's painful that Akogun could be involved in such mess. The man's heart has been in turmoil and he is feeling more and more empty in his heart and more hopeless in the future. He definitely needs help.

What we have now under the leadership of Governor Abdulrazaq is a process of rapid transformation of Kwara State - mentally, socially and economically - so that kwara, first and foremost, will assume her rightful position among the comity of States in the nation within a record time.

The All Progressives Congress APC in Kwara State is advising Governor AbdulRazaq to pick his steps gingerly. He shouldn't be stampeded to commit political hara-kiri because he wants to please party leaders. Kwarans trust only him and he shall give account of his stewardship.

Those who want to be with the governor should be allowed to enjoy the peace and patronage, while others who have found greener pastures elsewhere or have drawn the battle line should make do with what they have and not be outside and staging internecine war.

It can also be said that the state is on the path to more life-transforming infrastructural developments, which will further make it a cynosure of all eyes and a true place of pride, as this is the solemn promise of the APC  which Abdulrazaq represents in Kwara State.

Omuwumi writes from Oro.

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