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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Vote Of Confidence: Kaltungo Chiefdom Applauds Gov. Inuwa Yahaya Over Good Governance

...Pledges Continued Support,  Solidarity for the Governor 

Kaltungo Chiedom has declared that it is solidly behind Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya and will continue to give his administration maximum support. 

The Mai Kaltungo, His Royal Highness, Engineer Saleh Mohammed gave the indication during a meeting of traditional Council and other stakeholders in his palace. 

The Mai Kaltungo said he summoned title holders in his palace for a feast to thank God for a blessed wet season, relative peace and monumental development in Kaltungo chiefdom. 

Th monarch said feasting with other traditional leaders will also serve as an avenue for the chiefdom to receive feedback from respective community leaders, review and assess developments on how the area has fared in the last 2 years of Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya's administration in Gombe state. 

"As we all know, yields from our farms are due for consumption and sales in our communities as such our tradition demands that we meet and eat together with our subjects at the palace before everyone begins to eat his or her farm produce with family members; that is why we feel the need to use the feast assembly to review our community's situation in Kaltungo as far as governance in Gombe state is concerned," he said. 

The Mai Kaltungo while commending Governor Yahaya, said the monumental development being witnessed in Kaltungo Chiefdom and Gombe state in general is not unexpected because of his rich background as administrator and politician. 

He added that the bountiful harvest witnessed in Kaltungo Chiefdom is not unconnected with the improved security situation in the environment which allowed farmers to go to farming unmolested. 

"We all know what the security situation is in the country right now, but we thank God that Governor Inuwa Yahaya has been able to maintain relative peace in the entire state to allow for growth and development. We are happy for this and we commend him for his efforts," he said. 

The traditional ruler told the media that road construction project such as the one that passes  through Billiri-Kamo- Awak and Dogon ruwa communities and upgrade in Kaltungo General hospital and other PHCs of several Kaltungo Communities are worthy of Commendation. 

"The feedback from our community leaders today indicated the satisfaction of our people on the manner this government operates and the direction of my subjects is my direction that is why I want to make it clear that Kaltungo Chiefdom is solidly behind this government". 

Some district heads and other chieftaincy title holders who made submissions during the stakeholders engagement said education sector is also witnessing a rapid transformation through construction and expansion of schools, especially upgrading of Government secondary school Bangunji to a mega school by Gombe state government. 

They said construction of Lalaipido bridge in Shongom community which claimed lives over the years by Inuwa Yahaya government is quite commendable. 

"Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has restored the dignity of our local governments and put them on track unlike in the past when some of them could not pay salaries from their coffers".

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