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Saturday 8 January 2022

Saraki Is The Leader Of Youth Constituency - By Nura Mohammed

One would have thought a day like this will never come, a day whereby Abubakar Bukola Saraki CON  will be seen as being youth intolerant or someone doesn't give chances to them.

This is gross disservice to history and a bad attempt to distort it ,history have thought us that the biggest blame shouldn't be apportioned to a liar but to those that witnessed the lies but didn't set the record straight.

Is this a sign of dementia? or hypocrisy cloaked in form of selective memory loss? we should not let our memory betray us this badly.

Have we forgotten that the likes of Zakari Mohammed was appointed as SA sport in his early 30s ,have the likes of Bolaji Abdullahi who was appointed a special Adviser in 2003 at the age of 33 left our memories so fast ? 

36 year old AbdulRazak Atunwa was appointed as the commissioner for Land and Housing in Kwara state in August 2005,another youth appointee.

Through Saraki's youth capacity building, Atunwa rose to become the speaker of Kwara state House of Assembly.

We understand that some people might be trying to play to the gallery, like a court fool trying so hard to amuse his liege, but we shouldn't let our sentiment becloud our judgment especially on issues that pertain to governance.

Of course it will be understandable that my brother Abdulateef Egghead might be too young to remember when the names mentioned were performing in the governance of the state, I'm very sure he must be conscious of the 73 first class graduates from Kwara State that were awarded postgraduate scholarships in the 2015/2016 academic session which include his former ally Ibrahim AbdulGaniyu

Many of the beneficiaries of the scholarship later came to visit and Celebrate him on the 18th December last year at his residence, years after they had graduated.

On the issue of the 25 years old PDP National youth leader ,Sulaiman Kadede, the fact that of all the political leaders in the party, he chose to pay homage to Saraki ought to speak volume to those who have ears and brains to decipher the sounds.

It shows that  Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki CON  played a huge role in the emergence of the Young Kadede,as the leader of the youth constituency in the party, a constituency ABS  belongs to and identifies with.

As a youth loving political leader,who is always ready to build their capacity in whichever way he can,people shouldn't forget the Skill Acquisition, Training and Empowerment Programme (STEP) which empowered 40,000 youths in Kwara state.

Abdulateef that spurned the diatribe should also remember that it was Saraki as the Senate President of this country that afforded the Youths of his age the fortitude to run for political post, he practically gave the youth a seat at the discussion table of this country 

In the not too young to run law, the age for the post of President was brought down to 35 ,in the process amending the Sections 65, 106, 131, and 177 of the 1999 constitution.

My freind and brother also commented on PDP's choice of zoning the gubernatorial ticket to the Northern part of the state, this shows that he might not be following the news and the motive behind it.

The party stated categorically that, the choice of the party was based on principle of equity,  Justice, and Fairness we will not be a united state if one part of the state is being left out of the sharing of its power.

If Abdulateef  can take a break from his parochial view and zest for criticism, he will realize that this part of the state have last governed the state almost 30 years ago, to make things clear, PDP primes creating a realm of all inclusiveness in the polity of our party.
As a strong youth mobilizer in kwara state and Nigeria as a whole. As a living testimony to the testament of the Bukola Saraki's love for the youth segment of the demographic strata,  The PDP few months ago appointed myself and Greatkay to the State Reconciliation  Committee  of the party which was a great honour and a demonstration of belief in the capacity  and capabilities  of our youth in kwara PDP.

I want to advise Abdulateef of this 'sponsored piece' to look inwards and ask for absolution of his polluted soul and state the facts as it should be.

Comrade Nura Mohammed
Youth Activist and member of the Kwara PDP youth forum.
8th, January 2022

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