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Monday, 24 October 2022

Motorcycle Association To Begin Digital Identification Of Okada Riders

The Riders and Owners of Motorcycle Association of Nigeria (ROMAN) have disclosed plans to issue digital identification to its members in a bid to reduce crimes among members and make sure they comply with traffic rules.

Speaking on Sunday, October 23, during a sensitisation meeting at Karu, federal capital territory (FCT), Olusola Razaq, national president of the association, said the development would help to regulate the activities of commercial motorcyclists and prevent outright bans by the federal and state governments.

He said his leadership had already hired an ICT firm to conduct a digital image capture of every member across the country for proper identification.

He said: "The reason we are here is to inaugurate the FCT executive ahead of the national reforms as ordered by the federal government.

"And like I said, we have gotten a company that will create a database for our members to ensure proper identification of all members since there are other existing unions across the country."

Razaq said preparations were being made to ask the national assembly to draft a national regulation act for the association.

He continued: "Days are gone when okada riders are used for political thuggery.

"Of course, we know that the new Electoral Act does not give room for such anymore.

"So our efforts now is to ensure that okada riders are well sensitised like every other Nigerian who can also live their normal lives like good citizens of this country.

"We are also negotiating with the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) on the issue of members getting their number plates, to stop disobeying road rules, avoid road crashes and sudden deaths.

"We are also doing this to help millions of Nigerians get out of poverty because many families have waited for white-collar jobs endlessly.

"So, what I am saying is that commercial motorcyclists have contributed and is still contributing to providing employment for youths.

"It will also interest you to know that we have set up a national task force in each state we operate to ensure compliance."

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