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Friday 18 November 2022

Bolaji Abdullahi, One Of The Most Straightforward Politicians I've Ever Known, Says Brother

Muhammad Abdullahi, a younger sibling of the Peoples Democratic Party candidate in the forthcoming Kwara Central Senatorial election, Bolaji Abdullahi, has testified to the integrity of the PDP candidate. 

Muhammad, in a statement shared on his Facebook page on Thursday, said his elder brother taught him the power of conviction and the grace of faith. 

"Considering that I practically grew up under his care, I believe Omoluabi is much more than a brother to me; he is a father, a benefactor and a guardian," he said.

Continuing, Muhammad stated that Bolaji is one of the most principled and straightforward persons he has ever met. 

"I believe explicitly in his capacity to competently discharge whatever responsibilities he seeks. For me, I have not come across any other politician in my life who combines breathtaking competence with great character and unimaginable integrity.

"More than anyone else, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi has made a lifelong impact on me and shaped my entire being. He set my feet on the narrow and tricky path of life and allowed me to find my own ways. He never, not even once, made any attempt to take away my freedom to think freely and make decisions I considered best for myself.

"As an enlightened mind, he grants me the absolute freedom to exercise my right as a full grown adult with the liberty to choose my own path in life. He never, at any time, seeks to impose his will on me, because he firmly believes that every man, brother or son, is born with the inalienable right to self determination and the freedom of choice. And for all the privileges and the honour, I will stick out my neck for Omoluabi any day, anytime and forever.

"I feel lucky that I have a figure like Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi in my life. He has continued to serve as the compass with which I navigate my journey through life. This is why I consider him as father, because I'm #OmoluabiMade," he wrote.

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